Sunday, February 21, 2016

Chapter 102

I have to say, I'm surprised that some people thought that I actually knew basic Japanese, cause I don't. I mean sure, I know the basic phrases that pop up in anime, but I can't actually read Japanese. That's what I use the software for. Although I think I can read Romaji a bit, but not much. What I do know is English. As someone who even though it is their second language had studied it all through my life and now into university, I can say that I'm confident in my English, mostly. What I do while translating is basically deciphering whatever the translating software throws at me, which range from easy to understand to wtf is this.

I'm kind of flattered that people don't notice my absolute inexperience in Japanese translating, but this is more of a disclaimer for people who think that I actually know Japanese.

In any case, glad people enjoy my work. That's all I can ask for. So, enjoy the third chapter for the day.


  1. I know that feel bro, it actually feels good to have people tell you that they think you know that you can Japanese.

  2. Can you tell me what software you use to translate? Cuz im tired of waiting for updates (not this one, ur fast) and want to read raws ahead


      This is basically what I do.

  3. well... I've tried your recommended MTL software from your site, and tbh, it really helps me much :D thank you bro

  4. *shocking*
    *mind blown*
    Could it be... A software... from another world? o_O

  5. Is there an update scheduled, im keen to read more! thanks for your work!