Thursday, March 10, 2016

Lack of motivation is a serious thing

When I started translating this story, while I had a smaller goal of learning Japanese if I could, the main reason I started this was to take my mind off of other things. What were this things? Before I started out as a translator, I was (and still am) a fledgling writer. I had taken to writing fanfiction as a method of improving my writing skills. And it helped too, if you look at stuff I wrote 4 years ago and compare them to things I write now. I only had one ongoing story at the FF site, and I basically lost the plot of what I was doing, so I took a break and started translating as an outlet.

Now, after months of dillydallying, I had regained my mojo for writing, but it had resulted in me losing my mojo for translating. Over the past two weeks, I would get down to translate, get a few lines done, and just lose all motivation. Which is why you see such a really long gap between this chapter and the last.

What does it mean for the translation of this story if I restarted writing again. Nothing too drastic. I'm not going to drop this, no way in hell. But the updates might get a bit more sporadic if inspiration strikes me. I have some potential holidays over the course of the next two weeks which could lead too some more regular chapters, but I may end up having some other plans; have to wait and see.After that two week period is my semester mid-terms, so there definitely will be an enforced break there.

But let's not worry about what's to come in the future and instead enjoy today's chapter. It took a surprisingly dark and violent turn on me, but not too dark I suppose.

P.S. I'm posting this chapter in between classes while shirking my homework, I'll have to get back to that almost immediately after posting. And I haven't slept in 20 hours and I have a 2 hour class 2 and a half hour later, so wish me luck.

Ch 103


  1. well good luck with your homework and thanks for the chapter

  2. Haha, i can barely can do 1 time at time an you haveto do a lot, good luck with all these projects (y)

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  5. thanks for not droping this..
    btw what are u use as reference fot TL this??ATLAS,Honyaku or google??
    i want try TL some novel..

  6. as a graduate, i'd say good luck on those classes and homeworks. but cherish them. u will miss them

  7. i really wish you luck on this and take care of yourself. i would also like to say thank you for the new chapter i been waiting for a good read for a while =3