Saturday, February 20, 2016

Chapter 99

Here's the second chapter for the day. Since I managed to get some images from volume 3, Ch 83, Ch 87 and Ch 99 now have images in them, the last two being colored double spreads. So, enjoy it. And I've decided to switch from Rassen Cigarette to Lassen Sigurd as its a western name that fits. Props to Wayne McDonald for suggesting something close to this that made me pick this.

P.S. I wonder how much would it take for the blog to get flagged for NSFW, because the story is really making me skirt a fine line.

Ch 99


  1. Thanks for the new chapters! If you're worried, why not just flip on the Adult Content setting? At least that way you don't get flagged since you stated outright you have it. It's under 'Settings', 'Other', 'Adult Content', Yes.

    1. Actually, I forgot about this option.

      You could make a spoiler button for the pictures and other NSFW content.