Saturday, February 20, 2016

Chapter 98

So here's the first chapter for the day. I need some help with the name of a new character that appeared in this chapter, mainly because of what it's translating to.


This either romanizes to Rassen Shigaretto or Ratsusen Shigaretsuto according to the softwares. Now this is a girls name, which makes me think that Rassen goes better than Ratsusen, which doesn't flow at all. But my main problem is with the surname, which literally translates to Cigarette. If anyone can come up with a better alternative that fits in the context of the world, I'd be glad. Or else, she'd just be known as Rassen Cigarette from here on out, which I wonder if it was a gag from the writer or if he is just crap with names.

Anyway, enjoy.

Ch 98


  1. Name might be Danish, Lassen. According to Jisho, Sigur(norse name) is a translations for シガー. You could use something like Sigurdottor Lassen for now, or Siguretto Lassen and wait to see if there's a joke coming.

  2. Uhh...what? like are you serious? I thought that you already got the basic japanese down and only using 3rd party software to understand unknown words/kanji...but to think that you don't even know the difference between 'tsu' and 'small tsu' is quite a shock.
    My suggestion is just keep it simple and use R/Lassen Shigarett/o till official naming made public or C/Shigurlette for the surname. On another note, Cigarette would be シガレット and Sigurdottor would be シガードットル.

    1. So, the fact that I can fake it like that is a success? Besides, I've never said that I know how to read Japanese. I'm at the phase where I can understand a very small amount of spoken Japanese, and that's about it. I suppose my proficiency in English made up for the absolute lack of it in Japanese, eh?