Olivia's party

Episode 123: Olivia's party

That night, Yuuto was told I want to speak to you personally by Olivia. As there was no particular need for them, Yuuto had left behind Spica and Sylphia when he visited Olivia's home.

O. Yuuto-kun. I've been waiting for you.

The smell of alcohol permeated through the house. Unlike usual, Olivia's clothes were disheveled, while a faint red tinge could be seen on her cheeks.

Are you drunk?

Mumu……… I'm nyot drunk!


The way she was tongue-tied clearly negated her statement. From the innumerable sake bottles rolling around her, it was obvious that she was drunk.

(I didn't know that Olivia had such a side.)

In Yuuto's mind, Olivia's image was that of a Diligent and Sensible Village Head, but that changed completely this time. It appeared that she had a sloppy side that was appropriate for her age.

Well! Yuuto-kun! Let's drink! I've prepared enough liquor and snacks!

Yes, well then, thanks for the meal.

In Trywide, there was no law that prohibited a minor from drinking unlike in modern Japan. Because of this, since Yuuto had been summoned to this world, Yuuto had drunk alcohol several times.

(Un. This is delicious.)

The mead created from fermenting honey in water was a popular drink in Trywide. Above all, the mead in Olivia's house was an exquisite drink. It was a drink that was satisfying for Yuuto's tastes, even though he didn't usually drink.

Yuuto-kun! It was a good drink!

As he drank the liquor, Olivia boldly went behind Yuuto, and then pushed her large breasts against Yuuto's back.


It was the first thought that came to Yuuto's mind when he felt Olivia's breasts. They were probably equal in size to Sylphia. However even if the size was the same, the busts of the two were completely different. Sylphia's chest could be compared to a fresh and juicy melon, while Olivia's were similar to a mature melon with an added charm. Olivia's mature breasts ignited a man's romance.

Cho! What are you doing, Olivia-san!?

As Yuuto had no resistance towards the charms of an older woman, he unintentionally released an excited voice.

Oya. Oya oya. Could it be……is Yuuto kun reacting to the body of this old lady, I wonder?


While Olivia was calling herself an old lady, she was only in her 20s. To Yuuto, it was an age where se was an older sister rather than an old lady.

Its only natural. Olivia-san is beautiful. In such a situation, its impossible to not be excited.

……You say such nice things.

Hearing Yuuto's words, Olivia gave a bewitching smile. Suddenly, Olivia begun taking off her clothes and then the naked body of Olivia covered by only her elegant crimson underwear was exposed.


Yuuto was speechless. The reason was that he was charmed by Olivia's lovely naked body. Before he knew it, Yuuto was rubbing Olivia's breasts through her underwear.

Is it good? You can't go back if you advance further, you know? Unlike a young girl……my sexual desire is immeasurable.

I don't mind.

With a brief reply, Yuuto activated the Curse Magic Lewd in his palm.

(Magic that increases the sexual sensitivity of targets.)

About that……don't regret that you provoked me.

Lewd Magic was greatly effective in raising a woman's sexual sensitivity, and was verified by past experience.

(Wh-what……is this feeling!?)

The pleasure that ran through Olivia's body was something that she had never felt before in her life.

Under Lewd Magic, Olivia's consciousness gradually faded.


At the same time, the cat-eared ninja girl Luna Honek was standing in front of Olivia's home.

(How thoughtless of me……I've done a rude thing.)

Luna wanted to apologize to Yuuto. In the first place, it was Yuuto's good will that he received this request with unknown risks. However, because of her own selfish feelings, she had taken a curt attitude towards him. Now that she had thought about it calmly, she realized how bad it was.

(I wonder if I could make it up to him……?)

In such a case, she wanted to rely on the older woman. Luna had always approached Olivia for advice since she was young whenever she was troubled.

SonchouTL note: Village Head, I want to talk to you about tomorrow.

When she called from outside the house, there was no answer. As she was a long associate of Olivia, Luna silently opened the door and entered.


When she opened the room's door, Luna was struck speechless.

(TL Note: Edited out due to 18+ reasons. I had to go to archive.org to get the text. They are in the spoilers)

Konoe Yuuto……I'll never forgive you!

Yelling that, Luna slammed the door close and rushed out of the house. Why on earth did this happen? Far from being reconciled, as he was being hated more, Yuuto was at his wits end.


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