Saturday, October 17, 2015

Today's chapters are here

So like I predicted, I managed only two chapters today. Chapter 11 seemed slightly bigger than the rest of them, but that might just be my fever talking. And Chapter 12 has some nice development in it, so you guys will be pleased hopefully.

If you didn't notice it, I'm running a bit of a temperature and a headache due to season change cold. It only served to make me lethargic so that shouldn't be a problem, I hope.

So anyway, carry on.

Ch 11
Ch 12

P.S. I wonder how novelupdates would treat the chapters if I post two at once?


  1. Thanks for the chapters! Make sure to get some rest!

  2. Get yourself some rest you don't want to let it turn to pneumonia.

  3. Thanks!
    Nepu! Don't push yourself too hard, rest for a bit. We bleachers can wait.

  4. Just found this today and enjoyed it very much. Thanks for all your hard work!