Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Chapter 21 & 22 are here

For those of you who wonder where I disappeared off to, I should remind you that I am basically in the midst of university admission exams. I translate when I am free, and because the chapters are so small finishing one gives a sense of accomplishment. It helps when you guys appreciate me translating them. I have no actual release schedule, and the early speed was due to me having free time as well as doing something new. For the next month or so, I will work on the same principle as before and put up chapters when I get the time. I'll try not to keep a cliffy hanging, but no promises.

Its not like I was completely away, as I wanted to do a bit of cleaning up on the website. I think I prettied up the Table of Contents, but that might be just me. I planning on slowly going through the previous chapters to make some changes, because I believe there are several sentences at times that would be better as a paragraph, and there may also be a lack of flow. But that would be a hell a lot slow, because I don't trust my editing skills too much. I have a habit of skipping over mistakes because I read them correctly in my brain.

Tl;dr I have exams, chapters will be sporadic with no release schedule, and I might end up editing previous chapters.

Here are the new chapters.

Ch 21
Ch 22


  1. Thanks for the release, and please do your exam well!

  2. Thanks for the releases ^^ ! Hard work forever pays as a great philosopher said (Wiz Khalifa).

  3. Thanks a lot for the translations so far! I have really taken an interest in this web novel , also does light novel version of this is any different than the current web version ? And is there a translation of the light novel at all ?

  4. Thanks!
    Nepu! Good luck on your exam

  5. Dude if anyone asks you to post faster ignore them. I and hopefully many others have the patience to just relax and wait to see what pops up. Your real life is way more important than anything translation.

    Translate at whatever speed you can, if you need to take a break due to testing just do it. If they complained about quality or translations issues if reasonable to an extent but any who complain about translation speed are the ones who make translators shut down and are not worth anyone's time.

    Good luck on the exams and thank you for the chapters.