Triumphant return of the undead king

Episode 125: Triumphant return of the undead king

At the same time, in a certain cave located in the northernmost part of the Lownas Grasslands, the cat-eared ninja girl Luna Honek pushed forward into the depths by lighting up her surroundings with fire magic. Along the way, she encountered the rumored enhanced ghouls, but they were no threat to Luna who had the Stealth skill. She was not noticed by her opponents until she attacked. The Stealth skill can completely hide one's presence, body odor and magical power, and thus against monsters that relied on eyesight, she was unrivaled. Blessed with a unique ability and physical ability, Luna was the fastest adventurer in Expein among her generation and thus had a silver rank.

(……I should have done this alone from the beginning. There was something wrong with me to ask for help from such a pervert.)

The disheveled image of Olivia from last night was burned into Luna's mind. Having a sheltered childhood in the Cait Sith village, Luna lived only for her work, and became an adventurer without ever being interested in love. Her face became hot when she remembered last night, and her crotch itched in curiosity.

( Why did that happen yesterday……)

She was worried about Ririna who worked in Expein. It was unusual for Ririna, who was a person of firm character. For her to hand around a frivolous man who had girls that fell victim to him make peace sigh with both hands, it was 100% impossible, but…… it was better to be cautious. Luna decided to finish the job as quickly as possible before going to save Ririna.

(Still, this cave……seems awfully huge.)

The number of ghouls increased as she went deeper into the cave. Luna thought that she had been safe till now due to the Stealth skill, because if it was a common adventurer that had entered, they would have become fodder in an instant. Furthermore, as she pushed forward, Luna suddenly arrived at an opening. In that room, an altar a placed as if it enshrined something.

Hoh…… Certainly, no one arrived here before……

A weird voice sounded in the cave. When she turned towards the voice, she saw a huge skeleton monster.


It was clearly on a different level than a common monster. She immediately understood that what stood before her was a Named Monster.

My name is Thanatos. Ruler of the darkness born of the abyss.

It was a name that any aspiring adventurer hears at least once. 500 years ago in the olden days, the undead king Thanatos raged.


The monster called Thanatos had the unique ability to turn a person into an undead, and throughout history was thought to be the worst Named Monster ever.

It's a lie! The undead king Thanatos should have been sealed by the Legend Blood 500 years ago! Don't try to deceive me!

Kukuku. Hahahahahaha!

Hearing Luna's remark, Thanatos burst into a loud laugh as the bones in his mouth rattled.

……you say such funny things. Did you not notice that I was sealed in this room by this altar?

Hearing Thanatos's words, Luna turned her gaze to her surroundings. Probably an adventurer looking for something of value had torn of the magical talisman and had knocked over the altar which was now in pieces.

(After 500 years ago……did the barrier not work……?)

If it was the cave where a monster such as Thanatos was sealed, no one should be allowed to enter.The barrier was probably created by the strongest magician of the time, but…… the barrier weakened with time, and when the adventurer entered, the seal was broken.

(It's impossible for me to face this demon…… I can never defeat it!)

Realizing the hopeless difference in power, Luna abandoned the battle and ran at full speed. Momentarily an intense pain ran through Luna's ankle.


With her ankle cut by Thanatos' scythe, Luna rolled on the ground like a brick.

……Well, don't be in such a hurry. It's been a long time since I met a staunch opponent. You. Rise and grasp your sword, I want to be amused.

Why did something like this happen? Falling in a desperate situation, Luna's eyes teared naturally.


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