Ririna's kitchen

Episode 86: Ririna's Kitchen

During dinner, a strange dish was placed in front of Yuuto. Carp sashimi, sweetened boiled carp, catfish dipped and broiled in soy sauce, etc. It was a full course meal made from fresh water fish that they had just bought at the market.

Nuo, this is……

As Yuuto recalled his bitter memories with fresh water fish, he agonized. However since they were dishes cooked by a beautiful girl by herself, as a man, he had to eat them. Making up his mind, Yuuto picked up his chopstick timidly.

(Huh………? It unexpectedly doesn't smell bad.)

While the scent of the fresh water fish remained, it was not at the level where it hampered eating.

Yuuto, how's the taste!?

Ririna asked restlessly as she was worried over the dishes she made were accepted.

I'm surprised that fresh water fish can be this delicious. If it’s like this, I could eat them every day.

Me too. This is the first time I'm eating such delicious fish dishes!

It's amazing! Ririna's cooking is by no means inferior to the cooks at the Luhmer Imperial Court.

………I-is that so. I'm glad that everyone liked it.

Ririna's rubbed the back of her head embarrassedly when everyone praised her cooking. And then after they relished the dinner, it was time for dessert. Yuuto decided to place the recently harvested fresh fruit on the table.

Waa……… This is so luxurious, there's too many fruits.

Umu. Even at the Rougenberg house we seldom had a feast such as this.

No way nodesu! Sanya is fond of sweets nodesu!

Seeing the dessert on the table, the eyes of the three girls shined brightly. Particularly, Sanya seemed to favor the peaches as she gnawed at them. However Ririna spent a dubious look at Yuuto.

Hey, Yuuto? Is it just my imagination, or did we not buy this amount of fruits today?

………Well, don't mind the details.

In contrast, Ririna was more surprised over the fruit garden that had appeared out of nowhere.

Leaving that aside, Ririna. Could you please cut the fruits into pieces so that it’s easier to eat?

All right, I will.

Ririna nodded at deliberately reached for the apple on the table. Then, taking out a kitchen knife out of nowhere, she began to skillfully peel the apple.


Yuuto exclaimed in admiration seeing how skillfully she handled the kitchen knife in front of him. She finished cutting the apple in 5 seconds at a super speed.

How should I say it, it’s really good that Ririna came to our house. Ririna would become a good wife in the future.

Wi-wife!? Don't say such a stupid thing! It won't suit me at all!


As Spica and Sylphia were eating the fruits, the realized something.

((Could this mean……that we're not useful for anything other than eating!?))

The two were having mixed feelings as Ririna was praised highly by their master a little while ago. Ririna had a beautiful figure as well as the almighty housework skill, creating an ideal image that men had of women. However as someone who had been contracted earlier, they couldn't lose in womanly charm to their junior slave. They needed to do something, lest Ririna became their master's favorite girl.

Sylphia-san, what should we do about this?

………Umu. Let's come up with a plan for tonight.

The two whispered secretly so as to not let Yuuto hear it. With the appearance of a strong rival, Spica and Sylphia tried to come up with a plan hurriedly.


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