Friday, January 8, 2016

Chapter 74

So, my university started yesterday. The first day was exhausting. I had classes from 8 in the morning, they I had orientation at 10, followed by a tour around the campus on foot. Then I had to wait till 2 for the next class, which got postponed at the last second. With the tour and the commute, I think I walked over 5 kms yesterday. I ended up recuperating the entire day as I hadn't walked that much in a while.

In any case, as it is right now, there probably won't be any chapters on days I have classes. And depending on assignments and stuff, there might not be any chapters of my off days either. But for now, I can safely say that there will be chapters of Friday's and Saturday's. Treat chapters on other days as bonus ones that I managed because I had too much free time on my hands.

On a positive note, I'm studying English even though it's my second language. I hear that sometime during my 5 year stay, there'll be courses on translations. My English should improve over this time period.

Anyway, enjoy today's first chapter. I'll try and get a couple more out.

CH 74


  1. nice. enjoy univ. wish i could go back and study again

  2. So far, your English has been quite good in translating. As a fellow university-going student, I'd like to leave a small bit of advice - never underestimate studying, or the amount of time spent outside of class on a single class. Leading up to my time in university, it was stressed that for every hour of class time, there will be 2-3 hours outside of class spent on it.

    Do take care, and good luck! Really enjoying the translation.

  3. Terima kasih atas translasi nya