Sunday, January 3, 2016

Chapter 67

Damn, these chapters are so short that this is today's fourth chapter of the day. I am on a roll it seems. Also, I don't want to hype you guys up or anything but, there should be a color image next chapter, so you can look forward to that. When I'll be done with the chapter, I have no clue.

On a side note, if I continue at this speed, I will catch up with the author very quickly. Enjoy the chapter.

Ch 67


  1. Do You Have Link for raws of LN??? Can you post them please??

    1. Not links to the raws, but rather an online link to the first parts of both LNs which can be found at the official website that act as a trial version. They only have the color images and some of the black and white images.

      Here's the link for anyone that's impatient: