Tuesday, December 22, 2015

I'm back

Here is the first four chapters for volume 2. I have to admit, MTLing these chapter's made me realize that I have become better at deciphering a coherent flowing meaning over time. They seem far less choppy to me. I can also identify some phrases before the software tells me what they are. The obvious one is Master (Goshujin sama), as I can always identify it now. Although I still don't know what the individual characters are, so maybe I'm putting the cart before the horse?

In any case, I was debating over a Christmas/Christmas-Eve Chapter Dump, then decided against it. I'd still try and get some chapters done by then for a Christmas release, so hope I can get that going.

On a side note, for those of you who are interested in machine translating and looking for a basic guide and missed that fact that I had posted it before my hiatus, go here. I outlined the softwares that I use and where you can find them, along with a short rundown on how they work. The softwares themselves have tutorials on their base site, so I haven't bothered with them yet.


Ch 47
Ch 48
Ch 49
Ch 50


  1. WB! And thx as usual, but i wonder how different your translations are compared to aten and aweful :P

    1. Andrew is definitely better. The others are messy. I gave up reading them and waited for Andrew's return.

    2. Considering all three are machine translations, I'll say that I have been doing it longer :P . Other than that there isn't much difference.

    3. Well, I can clearly say that I don't feel like bashing my head while reading your work. :)

    4. Its more of the case that those people doesnt understand english

  2. Welcome Back! And Thank you for the Chapter!

  3. Nepu!!!
    Been waiting for your release as I somewhat cant understand the other vwrsion released.

  4. https://atentranslationswordpresscom.wordpress.com/2015/12/19/skill-taker-ch-51/

  5. Welcome back! I missed you. The other two MTL are much worse than you.

  6. Can you put the Chapter # in the title of the page in some form?
    It helps with RSS readers and page clipping.