Wild Bear

Episode 92 : Wild Bear

Spica! Behind you!

Yuuto warned immediately, but his voice didn't reach Spica who was shaken from the earthquake. The encounter was at the worst at the possible timing. The Wild Bear was poised to tear up Spica's small body with its huge claws at any moment from behind her. He had made Spica equip the Sacrificial Ring that he had bought from the auction. It could withstand 1 fatal attack, but he couldn't rely on such a thing.

(………Wind Bomb!)

If he used a normal attack on the Wild Bear, it might be too late. So, Yuuto used the high speed movement magic that he developed with Wind Magic, Leopard's Gait. It was a skill that produced a wind bomb from the sole of his feet and he kicked off the ground with acceleration that was not humanely possible. Previously, the biggest disadvantage of this was the fact that the impact tore his shoes and skin. However, with his newly acquired Dragon Skin Shoes from the auction, he overcame that.


Yuuto's fist with the power of the Leopard's Gait hit the head of the Wild Bear. The Wild Bear's body flew for over 2 meters before it crashed to the ground, unconscious.


Spica's eyes widened in surprise as she belatedly noticed the danger she was in.

………My lord. I'm sorry. It was my duty to protect Spica………. I had been distracted by the earthquake.

Well, since everyone's fine, let’s not worry about it too much.

The unfortunate overlapping of two misfortune caused this pinch. The would be unreasonable to blame Sylphia for it.

Does a strong earthquake like this happen in this world regularly!?

……N-no! I've only heard of them in stories. This is the first time I'm experiencing an earthquake!

I'm the same as Spica-dono. Earthquakes hardly ever happen.

………I see. Is that so?

Such a strong earthquake would hit Japan every 100 years or so. There's no need to worry. By chance, was this an earthquake that happened by chance? Not being able to remove the thought from his mind, Yuuto bagged the bear and ended the expedition.


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