VS Vampire 3

VS Vampire 3

Kuhahaha! What's the matter! Is this the limit to your ability!

The battle between Yuuto and Guiche was happening at such a speed that it could not be followed by the untrained eye.


In Sylphia's eyes, the tide of the battle had shifted towards Guiche. If Yuuto could fly around in the sky like his opponent, he wouldn't be on the defensive and the fight would turn around.

I must thank you! I will still your body……and become the demon king!

With unique abilities and magic sealed, has there ever been a human that can fight on par with a vampire? Thinking that after this he would take over Yuuto's body, Guiche couldn't stop his laughter.


A metallic sound echoes through the mansion. It was the sound of Yuuto's Long Sword giving out and breaking in half when it collided with Guiche's menacing sword.

Fu fu. It looks like the game is up.

Realizing that it was the conclusion of the fight, Guiche calmly set foot on the ground.

Ah. Let's settle this quickly, shall we? I was interested in what type of swordplay a demon uses…… I was terribly disappointed.


Guiche had a dubious look on his face, because despite losing his weapon, Yuuto was extremely calm. And with Guiche's Alarm Bell going off, he knew that Yuuto was not bluffing.

This broken sword is enough to defeat someone like you.

Yuuto provoked Guiche by pointing his broken Long Sword at him.

You bastard!

How much would this man try to fool a demon before he was satisfied? Guiche pushed off the ground in rage, taking full advantage of the physical abilities of a vampire.


Actually Yuuto had been discouraged during the fight. That was because Yuuto wanted to steal Guiche's swordplay. But Guiche's swordplay relied on swinging his sword around with his physical abilities, and it would be ridiculous to actually call it swordsmanship.


Guiche screamed as he raised the Sword of the Usurper King. Yuuto caught the attack with the guard of his broken Long Sword. Immediately after that Yuuto showed one of the ultimate techniques of the Konoe Ryuu Taijutsu.


Since olden times Soft Fist and Hard Fist have been the two disciplines taught in the Konoe Ryuu Taijutsu. True Fist Thrust is an attack of the Hard Fist style that destroyed the opponents body from the outside. Penetration Fist is a Chinese martial art attack of the Soft Fist style that destroyed the opponent’s body from within. A martial artist that practiced the Konoe Ryuu Taijutsu can switch between Soft Fist and Hard Fist depending on the situation.

But Yuuto had wondered since childhood why it was necessary to divide the human body in Inside and Outside before dealing damage? Would it not be efficient to destroy them both at the same time? The question grew in his mind as he got older. Before long, he had developed a fist style of his own.

Destruction Fist

It was a technique that allowed Yuuto to destroy both the Inside and the Outside of the body at the same time. While launching a punch at high speed, he rotated his entire arm like a screw at the moment of impact. It was Yuuto's personal Ougi. This technique spread the force of the impact through the victim’s body such that it could destroy bones, muscles and organs at the same time. Yuuto caught Guiche's flank with a left handed Destruction Fist


The vampire's cry resounds throughout the mansion. Momentarily Guiche's whole body flies away as he felt intense pain. His body broke through the wall of the room and landed in the corridor of the mansion. The broken bones had pierced internal organs, and all functions for a human to be alive had stopped already.

Yuuto's punch had changed Guiche's body into a bloody Daruma. Guiche's loss was determined the moment he discarded his human shell and showed his original power as a vampire. If he Guiche had remained in his human form, Yuuto might have hesitated to hit with his full strength. Yuuto walked up to Guiche to see if he was dead.

……Ki Gizamaha

Guiche tried to speak but could not form the words.

I'm surprised. You are still alive.

As one might expect from a vampire. It was somewhat shocking that he did not defeat his opponent with a Destruction Fist, even though he had not used his dominant arm. However, his opponent was already dying. It might be possible to give a killing blow without using Destruction Fist.

Wha……the hell……are you?

Yuuto smiled at Guiche who was wounded all over.

「My name is Konoe Yuuto. I'm just a very, very ordinary high school student.

When Guiche tried to ask 「What the hell are you saying? 」, Yuuto crushed his throat.


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