VS Vampire 2

VS Vampire 2

Ah……! Ii……! You are good after all! Just as I expected!

Guiche's Demon Blade and Yuuto's Long Sword collided violently. In the mansion that was so quiet that it felt as if it was disconnected from the world, two metallic sounds resounded.

(What is going one……? How could a human fight on par with a vampire……?)

Sylphia was surprised by the battle. She had mastered the fencing style of Luhmer that was taught to her by her father since she was a child. She was proud of her ability with a sword in hand, and could defeat experienced adventurers. But even she was awed. Yuuto's handling of a sword was extremely poor, but what he was really talented in was to keep to himself.

Fufu. I have never fought a demon that could keep up with my blade. I am a little surprised.

During the clash Guiche pushed back to put distance between him and Yuuto before speaking.

Your unique ability should be that of a physical enhancement, right? I am disappointed. You have no chance of winning against me. Should I tell you why?

Oh. I'll listen if you tell me for free.

……Fufu. There are three reasons that you cannot defeat me.

Yuuto continued to smile as Guiche continued with a dubious look at Yuuto's attitude.

The first reason is a difference in race. I am a vampire, a race that are known to be demons with good vitality. My basic body structure is different from a human. You humans die if a sword pierces your heart, right? I sympathize with you.

Fumu fumu. And……?

The second reason is the difference in equipment. My lovely sword is famous to all monsters as a sharp sword. It is able to inflict a fatal wound with just one blow.

I see, I see.

Yuuto already knew about his opponent’s equipment due to his magic eyes skill. So Guiche's words did not surprise him.

Sword of the Usurper King
Rarity ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
(This sword can take away the targets freedom. It can cause the target to be paralysed)

Noble's Tuxedo
Rarity ☆☆
(It is poor as an armor but is excellent as a dress)

Noble's Boots
Rarity ☆☆
(It is poor as an armor but is excellent as a dress) 

The third reason is a difference in preparation. I predicted that you will come and have prepared a trap. I can operate this trap any time with my mind. If you work it out, you will realize that your chance of winning is zero.

Hmm. If you are talking about a trap……is it the chandelier?

Lamp of Silence
Rarity ☆☆☆
(When the candles are lit, it prevents the use of the targets unique abilities and magic. The effect is inferior to the person who lit the fire. Unique abilities with Unknown Rarity cannot be disabled.)

Yuuto had seen through Guiche's trap immediately with his magic eyes.

……!? You bastard……is Magic Eyes your unique ability!?

Guiche was terrified. Magic Eyes was a versatile skill that could see through the essence of the universe, and was a rare skill. If the other party had Magic Eyes, it meant that all his unique abilities were already known.

Something like that doesn't matter. Why don't you use the trap to show it to me? It’s not like the outcome of this battle will change.

Hmm. Don't regret it! You lowly human!

Immediately after Guiche was infuriated, Yuuto's Magic Eyes was sealed, and he could no longer confirm the status screen. Even when he tried to use Wind it failed. It would seem that the Lamp of Silence's ability to block Unique Abilities and Magic was working normally.

……You are a fool. Possibly, no definitely!

But even though he had caused his opponent to spring a trap on him, Yuuto looked at a distraught Guiche.

Hey. Was there something that made you hurry?

Yuuto remembered Guiche's unique ability that he had seen before.

Rarity ☆☆☆☆☆
(A skill that creates a beeping sound that only the skill holder can hear when they are in life threatening crisis. The volume of the sound rises according to the degree of the risk)

Could it be……that you have been hearing an alarm bell going off in your head?


Did you think that the sound would disappear if you activate your trap? But even after activating the trap, the alarm is still ringing, isn't it?

Guiche was at a loss of words as Yuuto had hit bulls-eye. However, why? Even though Yuuto's Unique abilities and Magic was sealed, why was the alarm still ringing? Guiche could not understand.

Ah. It seems……that I had underestimated you.

Guiche's body changed to the shape of a vampire. Huge bat wings appeared from his back, and sharp fangs protruded from his mouth.

That's bad……From now on, I will seriously try to kill you.

Wielding the Sword of the Usurper King, he jumped high. Flapping his wings, he mounted an aerial assault on Yuuto. Guiche, who had thrown away the shape of a human, was now putting more force behind the blows.   Yuuto caught the attack with his Long Sword at once. Sparks flew as the fight between the two increased in intensity.