VS Vampire 1

VS Vampire 1

Yuuto headed towards Guiche's mansion based on the information he got from the slave trader.

……This is it.

Andrea Scott Marnish's residence was on the outskirts of Expein. It was a large, grandeur mansion. The lavish fountain in the garden was made with magic water stones, and something so brilliant would be hard to find even in modern Japan.

(……I should use transparent, just in case.)

There were no guards at the gate that lead to the gardens, but one can never be too careful. Yuuto's speed dropped as he used transparent to sneak into the mansion.


(……That's strange)

The entire mansion was quiet. It was a big mansion, and should have at least 10 servants, but there was no sign of them. Yuuto heard an out of place sound of a piano. The melody of the piano reverberated through the deserted mansion. When Yuuto followed the sound, he discovered a large door inside the mansion.

Yuuto considered if there could be a trap at the door, so he canceled his transparent ability. When he opened the door, the person that he was looking for was there.

Konoe Yuuto-kun. I grew tired of waiting for you.

Guiche Bellstein stopped playing the piano and greeted Yuuto. Sylphia was tied to a chair with some rope inside the room.

Thank you for calling me politely. But did you bastard just call me here to listen to a concert?

Haha. Rest assured. This performance is just a little ritual.


Ah. Have you heard about music enhancing the taste of meat? So sometimes I play some music before I consume the beautiful women. Although……There's not much of a change in taste even if I play music.

……That's a good hobby.

Yuuto realized that to a vampire, a human was just livestock.


(Yuuto-dono! Run away! This man is not an opponent a human could match……!)

Sylphia tried to portray the message with her eyes to Yuuto who had just appeared. It is known that a vampire could defeat a 100 knights with their strength. Because of that Sylphia was trying to somehow get Yuuto to leave.

You are doing things in a roundabout way. Is there a need to use ropes to tie up her hands and feet when you have the slave contract?

Fumu. Well, that would be reasonable. However, wouldn't that be dull? Teasing a puppet with no emotions……would be akin to masturbation.

Guiche laughed vulgarly.

Although I don't want to……but I have to agree with you on that.

While it would be easy to deprive a slave girl of her freedom of speech and movement, there is a special feeling to a bound slave girl. Even more so if the girl is a pretty blonde with blue eyes and big boobs.

(It’s hard to hate the guy……with hobbies that are fitting for a human……)

Yuuto felt a strange sense of familiarity to such a man.

Well then. Yuuto-kun! Show me your power!

Guiche unsheathed his demon blade that was hanging from his waist. Yuuto responded to his move by unsheathing his own Long Sword. Human VS Vampire. The decisive battle was about to begin.