VS Thanatos 3

Episode 130: VS Thanatos 3

Fuhahaha! Boy! Where did your energy from before go!?


After that, unable to counterattack, Yuuto was forced on the defensive. The undead king Thanatos was the strongest opponent he was facing ever since he had been summoned to Trywide. Soul Creation and Shadow Sewing were unique abilities that were great for combat, and the combination attack gave Yuuto no opportunities to retaliate.


By cutting through the ghouls that he summoned, Thanatos gradually was cornering Yuuto. The wounds on his body weren't just one or two, but rather, from what Luna could see, it was a mystery that Yuuto was still standing after the amount of damage he received.

This is the end!

Realizing his advantage, Thanatos raised his scythe in order to deal the decisive blow.


Yuuto managed to catch the blow barely, but the blade of the scythe had already cut deeply into his side. Did it damage his internal organs? Yuuto forced down the blood that welled up his throat. But this was within his calculations. Realizing that his plan had worked splendidly, Yuuto smiled.

……What's wrong? Did I damage your head so much that you went crazy?

Haha. You cutting my meat and bone……is exactly what I wanted.

You bastard……what are you……

It was after these words that Thanatos understood what Yuuto meant.


He couldn't raise the scythe that he was swinging around a while ago. It was natural, as Yuuto had used the Increase magic to increase the weight of Thanatos' scythe when he received the blow.

(Magic that increases the weight of the target.)

Yuuto didn't waste this opportunity.

Destruction Ogre

The skill that uses Destruction Fist while the body's physical abilities were raised through Ogre Fist, and it won't be an exaggeration to say that it was the strongest skill Yuuto possessed in terms of sheer power. Thanatos' body that was hit with Destruction Ogre cratered into the ground.

Gugo! Gugoooooooooo!

What came after that was Thanatos' death scream. The shock from Destruction Ogre runs through Thanatos' entire body and crushes it to pieces.

How……is this possible! I was supposed to be famed as the demon king soon……why, in such a place……!

About 500 years ago, leading a ghoul army of 10,000, Thanatos' power in Trywide was close to those of members of the Seven Deadly Sins. The reason behind his loss was twofold. The first being that as he had only recently broken out of a 500-year seal, his strength was limited. The second was that he met the miracle boy who had combat ability that surpassed two demons.  Yuuto checked his status at this point.

Konoe Yuuto
Unique Ability
 Ability Plunder
 Slave Contract
 Magic Eyes
 Growth Promotion
 Magic Power Refinement
 Soul Creation
 Fire Magic LV 4 (12/40)
 Water Magic LV 6 (10/60)
 Wind Magic LV 5 (4/50)
 Holy Magic LV 2 (5/20)
 Curse Magic LV 6 (3/60)
 Fire Resistance LV 3 (19/30)
 Water Resistance LV 3 (0/30)
 Wind Resistance LV 4 (6/40)

The new item that was added to his unique ability column was Soul Creation. At the same time as Thanatos, the ghouls also collapse as their bodies lose their souls. It was a pity that he couldn't get Shadow Sewing, as it appeared that Ability Plunder only grabbed one ability even if the target had more than one. 

(Fu…… I was finally able to win.)

Yuuto had indeed gone for the strategy that had the highest probability of succeeding, but he was not comfortable using magic that he had not practiced with as the method of winning. Even though he was using the recovery magic Heal, Yuuto collapsed to his knees in fatigue.

(Now, this skeleton……who the hell was he??)

Yuuto thought this as he looked at the shattered bones that remained of Thanatos.


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