VS Thanatos 2

Episode 129: VS Thanatos 2

……Well. Let's begin the dance.

Declaring thus, Thanatos poured magical power into the ground through his unique ability Soul Creation. Immediately, the human corpses that were buried in the ground were reanimated as ghouls. If corpses and magic power was available, it was possible to create endless ghouls through Soul Creation by placing souls into the body. The combat ability of the ghouls depended on the strength of the humans when they were alive. Because of these reasons, Thanatos always demanded humans of superior physique. 


Yuuto realized that he was surrounded. Thanatos had increased the power of the ghouls by killing humans and burying them to rot.

Kill him!

On Thantos' orders, over twenty ghouls that sprung out of the ground charged at Yuuto all at once. As a master of Konoe Ryuu Taijutsu that absorbed the advantages of other martial arts, Yuuto had learned Russian hand-to-hand combat style Systema. Systema emphasized one vs many combat, thus fighting against a group was well within his ability. The flowing foot movement associated with Systema that didn't target a single opponent, Yuuto mercilessly dealt with the attacking ghouls.


Yuuto possessed extraordinary talent in Judo, which he learned as a part of mastering Konoe Ryuu Taijutsu that absorbed the advantages of other martial arts. Of them, he was especially skilled in Air Throw. Without touching the legs and only handling the body, Yuuto threw away his target and continued to dodge the violent assault of the ghouls.

(A-amazing……!? Are those……the movements of a human……!?)

Luna practically shivered as she saw Yuuto move like this for the first time. Luna had reached the silver rank at such a young age as she had the ability and was known as the Warrior Godin the area. However, the combat ability of that Yuuto was displaying was incomparable to Luna.

Damn! Quicker!

Several minutes later the balance of the fight was broken by Thanatos. He became impatient at the unreliable ghouls, and melted into the shadows, facilitated by his Shadow Sewing skill.

(He disappeared……!?)

Cautious of Thanatos who disappeared suddenly, Yuuto defended against the ghouls.


Thanatos appeared behind Yuuto through his shadows by using the Shadow Sewing skill, and raised his scythe in hand to cut him. Despite his huge body, Thanatos was quick.


Thanatos's attack causes blood to spray out of Yuuto's shoulders. Yuuto turned to counterattack, but Thanatos melted back into the shadows and remains hidden.

(……this is troubling.)

If he used Ogre Fist to increase his physical ability, he could surpass Thanatos' speed. But using Ogre Fist was dangerous, as it reduced Yuuto's lifespan. The situation might worsen if he triggered Ogre Fist and Thanatos just remained hidden in the shadows.

(……There's no other way. It isn't a situation where I can be picky.)

Yuuto continued to dodge the ghouls as he began formulating a plan to defeat Thanatos.


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