VS Salamander

Episode 105: VS Salamander

Spica. Sylphia. Step back!

Seeing Lassen square off against a salamander and on the verge of becoming its prey, Yuuto got ready for a fight. Using his high-speed movement technique created with wind magic, Leopard Gait, he cut down his distance with the salamander in an instant. However, the salamander's speed was high for its huge body. Twisting its neck to turn towards Yuuto, it released a scorching breath.

(…………Water Shieldl!)

If he tried, he could have avoided it, but that would have caused Spica and Sylphia who were behind him to get injured. Realizing that, Yuuto made full use of the water defense magic he had recently acquired and neutralized the fire breath. In an instant, the room was filled with a large quantity of steam.


Lassen was surprised to see Yuuto successfully manipulate 2 magic attributes. The reason for that was that a person who could use 2 magic attributes were called Duo magician, and only 1 out of 10,000 people were born with that ability. However her pride as a senior adventurer made her regain her composure.

Yuuto-kun! The salamander's weakness is its tail! Its sense of pain is heavily concentrated in its tail!

…………Its tail is it. Roger that.

Even though it looked like a lizard, its weakness was surprisingly its tail. If Lassen hadn't said it, he wouldn't have noticed it. Yuuto kicked off the ground heavily to get behind the salamander. However being aware of its own weakness, the salamander moved with its speed that was beyond what was expected for its appearance and always kept facing Yuuto.


Having become impatient, Yuuto closed the gap with the salamander with Leopard Gait.

A-are you an idiot!?

Lassen cried out at Yuuto's action that appeared suicidal to her, but she realized immediately that her worries were unneeded. Destruction Fist. It was the name of the skill that Yuuto had created that destroyed the Inside and Outside of the human body at the same time. It was a combination of Karate's True Fist Thrust and Chinese Martial Arts' Penetrating Strength, and transferred an unimaginable amount of force through the salamander's body, sending its huge flying over 10 meters.

Are you injured, Lassen san?


Lassen Sigurd was a top class adventurer in Expein. Her main occupation was that of an information specialist, and since she believed in hiding one's true strength, she was content with the Bronze Rank, but her ability was comparable to a Gold Rank adventurer. As evidence of Lassen's true capability, she had been evaluated greatly by the royalty of Expein, and was an information specialist who had a lot of influence in politics. This time, she was facing the salamander after being exhausted by a series of battles in the dungeon. If she was fighting at her original capabilities, there's no way a salamander would give her any troubles.

However even to the eyes of the veteran Lassen, Yuuto's strength was strange. It was outside the realm of common sense for an adventurer to defeat a salamander that had its entire body covered in tough scales with his bare hands. But being so young, Lassen hadn't matured enough to recognize the ability of the inexperienced newbie adventurer.

…………Fufu. Yuuto-kun. I'm surprised. I've heard it several times before, but you really are strong.

No no. I still have some ways to go.

However, since I misunderstood you, I'll give you one advice. Frankly, my own ability is no less than that of a gold ranked adventurer. I can defeat the salamander even without your help. Therefore, don't think that you've somehow saved me.

………Um, Lassen-san? Could it be that you are angry?

I'm not angry!

She denied vehemently that she was angry, but her tone said otherwise. Lassen took great pride in surviving as an adventurer being an independent woman, so it was hard for her to accept that she was saved by the opposite sex.

(………Did I do something bad?)

Yuuto released a sigh as he failed to understand a woman's heart.


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