VS Person from Different World 2

VS Person from Different World 2

………Tch. That bastard is quick at running away.

Kazuya had followed Yuuto to the forest outside the Cait Sith village. Because of Kazuya's unique ability, Beast Transformation, his sprinting speed was faster than Yuuto's. Along the way, Kazuya had tried to hit Yuuto several times, however, like they say, vines may be weak but they bind other trees. Yuuto moved like a flower petal moving with the wind. He had dodged all the attacks repeatedly that Kazuya thought would make contact.

Now then, this should be a good area.

Yuuto stopped suddenly when he reached a grove of trees.

……Ha! Did you finally decide to give up and be killed by me?

Saying this, Kazuya lunged at Yuuto.

You, are you Japanese?

When he heard Yuuto's words, Kazuya stopped immediately.


That reaction tells me that I'm right on target.

Once Yuuto was convinced that he was right, he fired several unpleasant rapid-fire questions.

Hey, tell me. Who summoned you to this world?

……… I don't know! Something like that!

Kazuya was obviously upset, and swung his fists at Yuuto. Kazuya's Beast Transformation unique ability gave his blows the power to crush rocks. However the next moment, Kazuya's body was thrown into the sky. Yuuto had learned Judo in order to learn the good points of martial arts for Konoe Ryuu Taijutsu. Amongst those, Yuuto was especially proud of his skill with the Air Throw. It was a technique where an expert could throw a person without touching their lower body.


Kazuya groaned when his body which had grown to exceed 3 meters due to his unique skill Demon Transformation crashed into the ground. He did not understand what on earth happened. Before he noticed it, he found himself looking at the sky.

Should I change the question? How were you summoned to this world?

Yuuto asked Kazuya as he looked down on him.

Shuuuut uuuuup!

Kazuya stood up, enraged, as he tried to counterattack. But no matter what he did, it was the same result. Yuuto continued to throw Kazuya using Air Throw whenever he tried to attack. The huge body of Kazuya went flying as if someone was playing an animation on repeat. In terms of strength, Kazuya with his unique ability Beast Transformation exceeded Yuuto by a lot. However a person who was only powerful but did not have a basic understanding of martial arts was at Yuuto's mercy.


While the unique ability Beast Transformation improved physical abilities, it had the disadvantage that it used up stamina quickly. After being thrown to the ground over ten times, Kazuya's body reverted from a beast to a human again.

Your……right arm……!?

He hadn't noticed before because it was covered with hair due to the transformation, but Yuuto discovered a Curse Mark created by Slave Contract on Kazuya's right hand. At that moment, a question appeared in Yuuto's mind. Yuuto had asked several times on how Kazuya had been summoned to this world. However Kazuya had not answered honestly no matter how many times he asked.

It was probably that it was not that he didn't want to say but that he couldn't say. By giving an order from Slave Contract, it was easy to prevent a slave from revealing any information. The question was, who was concealing the information? Right at that moment, Yuuto noticed the presence of a man behind him.

Hey, you guys. Are you the ones that are playing around and making a racket……

 Demon King
 Seven Deadly Sins
Unique Ability
 Ruler Vision
 Slave Contract

The demon that appeared in front of Yuuto yawned lazily.

Author's Note
I am writing an activity report that the first volume of the light novel is released! You can buy it from your nearest bookstores!


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