VS Person from Different World 1

VS Person from Different World 1

You. Are you the Village Head?

Tanaka Kazuya, a youth who had been summoned from modern Japan, entered Olivia Lightwind's house.

……Indeed, I am the Village Head.

Olivia replied, trying to remain calm. Seven men including Kazuya had surrounded Olivia. They were all holding a sharp knife, and their eyes were bloodshot from greed.

Let's make a deal. This village is occupied by 30 of my subordinates. I want all the valuables of this village and the woman that has an aptitude for taming monsters. If you hand them over, I might spare the villagers' lives.

Olivia held her tongue when she heard Kazuya's proposal. She did not think that the man in front of him would keep his promise should she agree. And unfortunately, Olivia was right. Kazuya and his gang Scarlet Distortion cuts down anyone that stands in the way of the girls that they want to kidnap and then sell as sex slaves. He had no intention of keeping his word to Olivia.

……I'm sorry, but I cannot give an immediate answer. Could you give me a little time to think?

Olivia thought that her best course of action was to delay her reply. If she could keep Kazuya busy for even a second, it could help in saving the villagers.

I see. I don't dislike an intelligent woman.

Olivia smiled humbly when she heard Kazuya.

All right. If you agree to keep us company and help us pass the time, then I'll accept your demand.

What do you mean……by passing the time……!?

Olivia frowned due to the unexpected words.

What? It's not a difficult thing. Just a little entertainment. You will take off your clothes in front of us one at a time. While you are taking off your clothes, you can have the time to think.


Naturally, Kazuya's proposition was hard for Olivia to accept, however by keeping the attention of the men on her, the villagers would most likely be saved.

I understand. I'll accept your request.

If exposing her skin helped saved the lives of her numerous friends she would do it in a heartbeat. Having decided that, Olivia took off her shirt taking as much time as possible. Her breasts covered with crimson underwear were bared. In that instant, all the men broke out in vulgar cheers.

What's wrong? Hey? Next.

Hearing Kazuya's reminder, Olivia moved on to her skirt. When she took of her skirt, the gazes of the thieves were glued to her lower body.


The sound of the glass window breaking resounded in the room. In the next instant, the thieves were assaulted by a lump of ice the size of a baseball.




The men who were hit strongly on the head released a dull scream before falling unconscious. Kazuya sensed the danger earlier than anyone else, and avoided the lump of ice by lying down. However his subordinates were completely taken in surprise by the attack.

Who is it!?

When Kazuya looked outside the window, he saw the figure of a boy.

A good woman does not expose her skin in public. Because of that my maiden senses were tingling.

You are……!?

Olivia was astonished, because it was the young boy that came to the Cait Sith village the day before.

Tanaka Kazuya
 Thief Head
Unique Ability
 Beast Transformation

Beast Transformation
 Rarity ☆☆☆☆☆
(The ability to change a part of one's body into that of an animal. It increases the use of stamina when used.)

When Yuuto checked Kazuya's status screen with Demon Eyes, he confirmed that it was the man that was wanted by the adventurer's guild.

Ossan, let's play a game of catch.

Saying that with a taunting smile, Yuuto threw a lump of ice with all his might. The lump of ice thrown with the Three Quarter Form was travelling at nearly 150 kph speed towards Kazuya's face. However Kazuya surprisingly blocked it with his right arm. Using his unique ability Beast Transformation, Kazuya had exceeded the limits of human reflexes.

………Tch. Are you making fun of me?

Annoyed, Kazuya murmured as he transformed his whole body into a werewolf.  His body well exceeded 3 meters, and the red-brown fur that covered his body was creepy, making him look neither human nor monster.

(This man……is the skill holder of Beast Transformation……!?)

Olivia covered her breasts in fear as a werewolf appeared in front of her suddenly. However, Yuuto was not a good-natured person that would wait for his partner to finish his transformation. Tl note: Now I wonder who this is hinting at. *sarcasm*


Yuuto threw an ice arrow without hesitating. It pierced right through Kazuya's right leg without resistance.

Hey, take this, Tanaka ossan.

You bastard, I'll kill you……!

Kazuya was already lost in anger by now. He did not notice the beautiful woman in her underwear, and instead his bloodlust was directed towards Yuuto. When Yuuto turned to leave, Kazuya chased after him with the amazing strength provided by his beast legs.

(……All right. It's all according to plan.)

Yuuto thought as he smiled unintentionally at his success. Originally, Yuuto wanted to talk to Kazuya alone. But it was necessary to guide Kazuya to somewhere without prying eyes if he wanted to talk amongst fellow Japanese.

Yuuto-kun, what on earth………are you……?

While trying to suppress her heartbeat, Olivia turned a passionate gaze towards Yuuto who had saved her from a desperate situation.


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