VS Legend Blood 4

Episode 112: VS Legend Blood 4

Ogre Fist》. The skill was Yuuto's trump card that he created by turning off the survival instinct of his body. Currently, Yuuto could maintain Ogre Fist for nearly 3 minutes. In other words, if he went over three minutes it would be an immediate defeat. Adding the handicap of fighting with a girl on his back, the situation was truly desperate.

Yuuto-sama. Don't worry about me. Are you being considerate about roughly handling me?  Even though I don't look it, but as a demon my body is very durable.

Did she think that he had slowed down because of his worry for body? Yuuto wondered at Beelzebub's words.

Is that so? Then, if you insist. I can't afford to pull my punches anyway.


(Amazing……Isn't he moving even faster!?)

Yuuto switched Ogre Fist into a higher gear in order to try and move behind the Crystal Golem. His speed was close to the sound barrier, and Beelzebub's school uniform was being ripped apart as it couldn't withstand the speed. Beelzebub clung to Yuuto's back desperately to not let her unladylike form fall off.


The Crystal Golem realized its danger, created crystals out of magic and launched them in all direction. The bullets released by the Crystal Golem created huge craters as they hit any available surface in the room.

(This guy……can use projectile attacks even though its a golem!?

Yuuto was dismayed only for a moment, but he dodged the surprise attack from the Crystal Golem somehow as his reflexes were boosted by Ogre Fist. After Yuuto avoided the crystal bullets, he pushed off the soles of his feet and jumped with all his might. His aim was Crystal Golem's head.

Destruction Ogre.

It was a skill that used Destruction Fist while increased his body's abilities with Ogre Fist, and without any exaggerations, could be said to be Yuuto's most powerful skill. However, using Ogre Fist and Destruction Fist at the same time put an immense burden on his body, using it once meant he'd lose the use of his hand for a while. Yuuto raised Ogre Fist's  gear to its maximum, and punched at a high speed,  twisting his entire arm at the point of impact, causing the damage to spread across the Crystal Golem's body.


Critical Hit. It seemed that the body of the Crystal Golem had a moderate amount of water in it, allowing for the damage from Destruction Ogre to spread. However, just as he thought it was the end, Yuuto’s danger senses went haywire.

This guy…… Is it trying to self-destruct!?

A tremendous amount of magic was leaking from the Crystal Golem. Its body was cracking, it felt like it would explode at any moment.

(What do I do……!? How do I get out of this mess!?)

If he used Ogre Fist at full strength while running, he might escape the explosion. However, if he ran at full speed, Beelzebub, who was on his back, would definitely be unable to endure it. As Yuuto began racking his brain, Beelzebub quietly poked his cheek from his back.

Yuuto-sama. I'm all right. It seems that my ability has returned just now for some reason.


Just as Yuuto was about to investigate Beelzebub's remarks, the body of Crystal Golem emitted a dazzling light as it exploded violently.

(……It's no use. I won't make it in time.)

Just as Yuuto was about to change to the highest gear of Ogre Fist and make a last ditch effort to escape, a grotesque creature appeared in front of Yuuto and surrounded Yuuto in a film of light. Momentarily, with a roar, the body of the Crustal Golem exploded, turning the dungeon room into ashes. With unimaginable power, it even vaporized Michael's ice in an instant.

……Was I saved?

However, Yuuto's surrounding's had been unchanged as it wasn't affected by the explosion at all. The cause was the creature in front of him that had created a shield of light. Yuuto realized that victory would be shown in his status, so he checked it immediately.

Konoe Yuuto
Unique Ability
 Ability Plunder
 Slave Contract
 Magic Eyes
 Growth Promotion
 Magic Power Refinement
 Fire Magic LV 4 (12/40)
 Water Magic LV 6 (10/60)
 Wind Magic LV 5 (4/50)
 Holy Magic LV 2 (5/20)
 Curse Magic LV 3 (12/30)
 Fire Resistance LV 3 (19/30)
 Water Resistance LV 3 (0/30)
 Wind Resistance LV 4 (6/40)

Magic Power Refinement
 Rarity ☆☆☆☆☆☆
(A skill that raises the rate of recovery of one's magic power) 

In the unique ability column, Magic Power Refinement, the new ability that he got from the Crystal Golem was added.

Proof of Conquest
 Rarity Details Unknown
(Jewel proving the subjugation of the guardian protecting the dungeon. Touching this item will cause the dungeon to disappear, forcing out the humans that are in it.)

As the exploded Crystal Golem became light particles, it left behind a single item. Proof of Conquest seemed to be the proof needed to show that the Crystal Golem was subjugated. Realizing that the fight was over, Yuuto heaved a sigh of relief.


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  3. Ten gets you twenty the guardian came cause Yuuto broke the floors.

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    Pro: rare unique ability acquired
    And money from the proof of conquest
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    1. She actually KINDA is the ''good guy''. A bit of a douche and definitely a bigot, but at least he's a hero of the humans. I actually don't hate him.

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  8. Um yeah.. punching a crystal golem in the face is like punching a boulder.
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    I call bullshit on punching solid crystal in the face.
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