VS Legend Blood 2

Episode 110: VS Legend Blood 2


Michael widened his eyes in surprise when he saw Yuuto. As a descendant of the hero, Michael had learnt from a young age how to distinguish humans and demons by the difference in their magical power. However, that meant that his magic had just now lost against the magic against a mere human. It hurt Michael's pride as the world's strongest magician deeply.


Beelzebub was stunned that a human had come to her help not once but twice. Furthermore, the current affair was a lot different than when she had been attacked by the sliver ranked adventurer Robin Kruger at the adventurer's guild. This time, her life was truly saved. Yuuto already had Beelzebub's favor, but now she was looking at him with added enthusiasm.

I'm surprised. Were you the one who shot the magic just now?

Huh? Well, I guess so.

Having discovered the trick of punching through the floor, Yuuto had advanced through dungeon with Spica, Sylphia and Lassen in tow. However, when they had reached the 6BF, he heard the roar of the water magic cast by Michael. Because he had been suspicious, he had left the others behind in a safe place and went to investigate the room where the sound came from. That was how he had reached the current situation.

Can I ask you one thing? Just what kind of trick did you use to cast such a powerful magic?

There isn't a trick. I just threw it myself.

Threw it……?

……It'd be faster to just show it to you.

Saying that, Yuuto created a baseball-sized ice block in his palm with water magic. He then threw it at Michael from the three-quarter form. Byuon. With a tremendous shockwave, the ice block thrown by Yuuto grazed Michael's temple.

Why don't you step away from her? The next one will be aimed at your head.

Seeing Yuuto's preposterous battle style, Michael couldn't suppress his laughter. The power of the water magic that Yuuto had used wasn't surprising. What had surprised him was the physical strength and unmatched accuracy that Yuuto had to throw the ice block at such phenomenal speeds. Michael had never before seen a human who supplemented their magic with their body.

Fuhahahaha. Interesting. Very Interesting! To see human's like you, this world hasn't been abandoned yet.

………Huh. Thank you.

Excuse me. My name is Michael. Michael Acard. Won't you tell me your name?

Konoe Yuuto.

Fumu. Konoe Yuuto-kun.

Michael repeated Yuuto's name as if to confirm it.

By the way, Yuuto-kun. You seem to have a serious misunderstanding. I understand the feeling to want to protect a pretty, but to tell you the truth, she is a demon.

I know.

Well, no wonder you are surprised. Ever since the devils were defeated by humans 500 years ago, they have lived away from human eyes by being nomadic.

Michael spoke thus far before he realized what Yuuto had said.

………Wait, Whaaat!? Even though………you knew that she was a demon, why did you interrupt me!?

………Well, it's like that, but is there something wrong?


That had been enough to make Michael speechless. Because humans had been oppressed by demons in the past, they had strong feelings of fear and resentment towards demons. The history of the oppression has been passed down from parent to child for generations. Even though 500 years had gone by, it hadn't faded. Which was why it was impossible to think that a human would protect a demon.

……Is there something wrong he says.  Reconsider yourself. I'm telling you that I'm the descendant of the hero that defeated the demon king 500 years ago. I've been exterminating demons in order to prevent the prophecy that predicts the Evil God Resurrection in the near future. Protecting demons is to antagonize us……the members of the Legend Blood!

This was Michael's last warning, although it didn't change Yuuto's mind.

It doesn't matter if the other person is a human or a demon,  I'll always be the ally of cute girls!

……Crazy. You're crazy.

Michael was the greatest lady-killer amongst the Legend Blood, and was known as a skillful feminist. TL note: It literally says feminist in katakana. Even he had never had the crazy idea to support a demon.

There's no helping it. It’s unfortunate that I don't have the medicine to cure this fool……

Michael rated Yuuto's strength highly, and had been wanting to get him to become his subordinate. However, he couldn't befriend a human that would side with the demons. Thus Michael raised the cane in his hand to cast Water Storm. It was touted as the strongest magic of the world's greatest arch mage, and was unparalleled in both power and accuracy. The temperature of the room dropped precipitously as over 1000 ice blades appeared around Michael.

You're a hindrance. I'll have you disappear for world peace!

The moment Michael brandished his cane, the thousands of blades created with water storm came flying towards Yuuto from all directions. However even though from an outsider’s perspective it might look like Yuuto had been cornered, Yuuto's expression had remained calm.


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  2. yesss, cute is Justice, I am the ally of Justice

  3. The hero descendant dude reminds me of a saying "World peace! With superior firepower."

  4. Judt a reninder, it is nit applicable in the real world. You will just ended up used, real women are not too kind.

    1. Cute not only in appearance, but also personality and behaviour.

  5. feminist in Japanese has different meaning then English. it is called "false friends".
    The Japanese meaning: "A man who pampers women"

  6. So he's completely ignoring the fact that humans are now the oppressive monsters

    1. Of course he is. He's human.