VS Demon King Sloth 3

VS Demon King Sloth 3

Yuuto recalled the old days as he recovered his broken right arm with Heal magic of Holy attribute. Human beings cannot use more than 10% of their potential. Yuuto had believed this theory that was written in a shounen manga from a young age. According to the manga, it was possible to utilize the 90% dormant brain capacity and exceed the human limits. However The theory was a myth that was created for fiction, and it was impossible for humans to use the entirety of their brain.

Then how do people draw out their hidden potential? Yuuto turned his eyes to the human genes. It was a fact that humans put a limiter on their body in everyday life. They cannot go against the instinct to continue living. For example, even if a person decided to run until they die, the body would shut down before they actually do regardless of what they wish. It was due to the instinct to live that even though they wish to continue till they die, their body won't.

Yuuto thought that he could not deliberately cancel the survival instinct that is carved into human genes. Therefore, Yuuto decided to perform Death training at the top of a high-rise building that his grandfather owned. The building was 100 meters tall, and was at a height that if he fell he would die. From that building, he dangled himself on a horizontal bar and did chin ups. He would spend 16 hours a day dong chin ups, and then slept like log.

Yuuto continued this training until he stopped fearing Death. By doing some harsh training, Yuuto had managed to numb his survival instinct. A while after he finished this training, Yuuto managed to pull on the 100% human potential at any time.


Furthermore, his research topic for his 5th year primary school summer vacation was Artificial rewriting of Genetic Information.

(What……!? This guy……his pressure increased suddenly……!)

Bellphegor shivered because the overpowering aura of the boy in front of him had clearly exceeded human limits.

Ogre Fist

That was the skill that cancelled the Survival Instinct limiter that Yuuto created. It was a skill that significantly raised physical ability, but could kill the user if one mistake was made.

Sorry, but I'll finish this in an instant.

Saying that, Yuuto approached the Wood Pascal, and as he did so, he picked up one of the nearby vines.

Hey, you. Just what are you……!?

Thinking that there is no way he could top the previous blow, Bellphegor was bewildered. However immediately after that, Bellphegor's expression turned pale.


Yuuto threw the Wood Pascal down on the ground as hard as possible. Instantly, with a deafening roar, the ground cracked, as a large crater appeared.


As the ground shook heavily, the sake bottle on Bellphegor's waist fell. It broke and spilled its contents.

I'm not done!

Yuuto's violent attack did not stop there. He flung the giant body of the Wood Pascal and smashed it against the ground several times. Puny Go...I mean...Wood Pascal For a normal human being, it was absolutely impossible to lift the humongous body of the Wood Pascal that was greater than 20 meters in height. That's because it would exceed the human limits set by survival instincts. However for Yuuto who had used the Ogre Fist, it was not impossible.

Ga, gaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

The Wood Pascal after receiving these repeated attacks released a death cry. But, its voice becomes small due to repeated attacks. After the twelfth attack, the Wood Pascal did not move an inch. Yuuto checked his status screen immediately.

Konoe Yuuto
Unique Ability
 Ability Plunder
 Slave Contract
 Demon Eyes
 Growth Promotion
 Fire Magic LV 3 (22/30)
 Water Magic LV 5 (18/50)
 Wind Magic LV 3 (20/30)
 Holy Magic LV 2 (5/20)
 Curse Magic LV 2 (18/20)
 Fire Resistant LV 3 (1/30)
 Water Resistant LV 3 (0/30)
 Wind Resistance LV 4 (6/40)

Growth Promotion had been added to his unique abilities. In other words, the enemy in front of him was dead.

Now then. I've defeated the small fish. Will you play with me next? Bellphegor-san.

Hearing Yuuto's provocation, Bellphegor clicked his tongue.

Tch. Stop, stop. I admit that I was honestly defeated. Why did I pick a fight with a troublesome opponent such as you……

It was not the case of self-confidence, but rather, Bellphegor embodied Sloth amongst the Seven Deadly Sins, and he was not a person who wished to fight against strong enemies.

By the way, you. This is just curiosity……but won't you tell me your name?

Konoe Yuuto.

Fumu. Konoe Yuuto………. After 500 years, huh? I've encountered such an interesting human after a long time.

Bellephor muttered to himself.

Then I'll leave this are for now. Sorry……but it's time for my nap.

Saying that, he disappeared from Yuuto's view as he yawned. He could move freely because of his unique ability Teleport. Yuuto who knew the effect of the skill due to Demon Eyes did not chase after him.

Well then…… I must return to the others soon.

Since the fight was over, he turned off Ogre Fist, and immediately, intense pain ran through his body.

(I spent……just a little too long using it.)

The skill Ogre Fist was something that improved physical ability by turning off one's own survival instinct. It was a dangerous skill that can cause him to lose his life in the long term. Three minutes was the limit at which he could use it without leaving aftereffects to his body. If he went over by even 30 seconds, he would feel severe muscle pain.

(In order to live in this world……I must become stronger……)

Yuuto made up his mind as he staggered back towards the Cait Sith Village.  


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