VS Demon King Sloth 2

VS Demon King Sloth 2

Darkness Fall. The sixth unique ability that Bellphegor possessed could be said to be his trump card. Bellphegor used Darkness Fall unique ability on the Woodhead. Immediately after that the body of the Woodhead expanded and became gigantic.

……Nuo, what the hell is that!?

The rarity and the details of the skill could not be read by Demon Eyes. Because of that Yuuto could not accurately judge what exactly occurred in front of him.

Wood Pascal
Unique ability
 Growth Promotion

Growth Promotion
 Rarity ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
(The ability to accelerate the growth of a plant)

The thing that he could understand was the the ordinary Woodhead had evolved and became a Named Monster.

You want information about Mammon, right? That's good. I will tell you if you can defeat my prized pet.

Haha. Thanks for that.

……In that case, go! Wood Pascal! Crush that person!

When Bellphegor ordered, the Wood Pascal began moving its 20 meters tall body. It assaulted Yuuto by moving its vines like a whip. Yuuto managed to somehow avoid them with his physical ability. However the Wood Pascal's attack did not stop. It attacked Yuuto continuously with 16 vines.


When Yuuto evaded an attack, one of the vines pierced Kazuya's body. Immediately after that Kazuya's body lost all its nutrients as it was mummified.

……Oi oi, are you serious?

It would be fatal if the attack hits even once. Yuuto became even tenser when he saw Kazuya's body drying up.

(……What do I do? How do I kill this fellow?)

Originally, Yuuto's purpose was to get information about Mammon from Bellphegor, and there was no one else to fight. However The Wood Pascal was using eight of its 16 vines to protect Bellphegor. If he approached Bellphegor, he would be repelled by the Wood Pascal.

(……I have only one option.)

Determined, Yuuto darted through the gaps amongst the vines to reduce the distance with the Wood Pascal. Since the opponent had an instant kill technique, it would be foolish of him to prolong the battle. Therefore, Yuuto used the Destruction Fist technique. It was Yuuto's trump card that destroyed the Inner and Outer body of the target.


He used all his strength to punch the giant body of the Wood Pascal with his Destruction Fist. Instantly, with a deafening roar, the body of the Wood Pascal shook as it received the Destruction Fist, and some of its leaves fall off.

It's……a lie……!?

Buhaha! For a human's attack to be this strong……but its unfortunate.

However it endured the skill that even defeated a vampire. It was probably because the physical structure of a human and a tree were different. To maximize the effect of Destruction Fist, the target needed to have a large percentage of water in its body. Human body was made up of more that 60% water, making it suitable to spread the damage. The water content of the Wood Pascal was less than half of that in a human body. Because of that the blow did not show its true power and knock down the Wood Pascal's body. However Yuuto was not flustered.

……It can't be helped. Should I use that?

Immediately after that Yuuto used the 《Konoe Ryuu Taijutsu Ougi》 that surpassed even his 《Destruction Fist》.


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