VS Demon King Sloth 1

VS Demon King Sloth 1

 Rarity ☆☆☆☆☆☆
(The ability to teleport oneself and neighboring objects to a specified point. Up to 5 specified points can be created by dripping blood on the ground)

 Rarity ☆☆☆☆☆☆
(The ability to communicate with monsters and make them one's familiar. Monsters who have been successfully persuaded display State (Taming))

 Rarity ☆☆☆☆
(The ability to summon a tamed monster)

Ruler Vision
 Rarity ☆☆☆☆
(The ability to share vision with someone who is under slave contract)

Slave Contract
 Rarity ☆☆☆
(Ability to make the target a slave by dripping blood on the back of the hand. Those who become slaves cannot defy their master's orders. The master and slave can grasp each other's position)

(He has five unique abilities……!?)

The number exceeded the previous demon king that he'd met. The number of unique skills wasn't the only remarkable thing. Yuuto could feel that Bellphegor was a strong person. Could he win in a fight? He could not grasp the limits of Bellphegor's combat capabilities.


Kazuya paled immediately when he saw his master.

This is……I haven't failed the mission…… I can still fight!

Kazuya appealed to Bellphegor as he clung to him. However Bellphegor looked at Kazuya as if he were trash.

It's regrettable. You who failed you mission is unnecessary. I forbid you from breathing from now on.

Tha……… gopopo.

Kazuya, who was forced to stop breathing by the slave contract, couldn't complete his words as his mouth began to foam. It didn't take long for Kazuya to drop dead.

(……That was a cruel thing to do.)

While the now dead Kazuya was a Japanese and he felt bad for him, he needed to confirm something.

I have one question. Do you know something about the demon Mammon?

Mammon was the demon that sold Summoning Magic Stones to humans. That was the information that he had acquired from Sylphia. Since Bellphegor was a demon, Yuuto thought that it was possible for him to know something.

Buhaha! What. You are you an acquaintance of Mammon?


He would be lying if he said he expected it. However he did not think he would find information about Mammon so quickly.

Ah, to tell you the truth, Mammon is an old acquaintance of mine. I am looking for his whereabouts. I would prefer it if you could give me some information.

Bellphegor's look turned cold as he immediately realized Yuuto's lie.

You're lying. That eccentric person does not associate with humans. In this world, he trusts only one thing,  and that is money. You're probably someone who has a grudge against him and looking for revenge. I cannot sell information of a friend to such a person.

Is that so. It's all right if you don't wish to tell me.

Yuuto pushed off with the sole of his feet as he said so.

I'll find out by force!

He cut down the distance between himself and Bellphegor in an instant. Yuuto started with a low karate kick, and attacked carefully. In mixed martial arts, destroying the legs of an agile opponent was a deadly blow.


Bellphegor evaded instantly by jumping backwards. A regular human would have been unable to see the kick delivered at god speed, but Bellphegor possessed first class battle ability amongst demons. However, this development was within Yuuto's expectations. Having predicted Bellphegor to jump backwards, Yuuto punched with his maximum power. It was 100% unavoidable.

(……Got you!)

Yuuto was convinced that his preemptive attack would succeed. Bellphegor's body which should have been surely hit disappeared from in front of Yuuto. When Yuuto noticed, Bellphegor's body was 10 meters behind him. It didn't take long for him to realize that it was due to his unique ability, Teleport.

I'm surprised. To be able to move that fast with such an out of shape body.

Haa……… Good grief. I've picked a fight with a troublesome person.

Bellphegor sighed at Yuuto's taunts. Yuuto and Bellphegor had opposing values regarding fights. While Yuuto wanted to fight against strong opponents, Bellphegor was a person that wanted to avoid fighting as much as possible. Yuuto was a worthless small fish in front of Bellphegor's grand plan. However, because he had realized Yuuto's ability in the previous exchange, Bellphegor's bloodlust had disappeared.

If you like fighting so much, I'll give you an opponent.

Saying that, Bellphegor activated his Summoning unique ability. Using his summoning ability, he summoned a Woodhead.

Oi oi, don't tell me I'd be happy with that as a substitute?

Buhaha! That's an amusing joke. Let me teach you that I don't need to be the one to kill you.

Immediately after that Bellphegor used a sixth unique ability that had a 《Details Unknown》 rarity.


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