Next morning, Yuuto decided to head to the slave trader to check on Sylphia.

Master……why are we here……?

Ah. The slave trading house?

That's not what I was asking! What I want to know is why master is going to the slave firm!?

That's because I'm going to buy a new slave.

When he replied honestly, Spica's expression fell.

……I-is that so. So I am unnecessary to master. I had a feeling that that was the case. I cannot help you in battle, I'm just a useless slave who can't even satisfy you during the night. It was a matter of time before master would get bored of me and decided to buy another slave.

Spica interpreted his words by herself, and spoke such negative words.

Oioi. Spica, you're misunderstanding. I'm doing this while thinking of you.


I have thought about the burden that has been put on Spica. If I buy a second slave, Spica's workload can be reduced. And with more people in the party, completing subjugation quests become safer.

I'm sorry. I had jumped to conclusions selfishly…… I am honored that master was thinking of me! Is it possible for a slave to be happy like this?

Of course. Because Spica is my important…… cute slave.


When Yuuto stroked Spica's head, her face morphed into an ecstatic expression like usual.

(No matter how you look at it……this child is too simple……)

While he had been anxious to be blamed for cheating, his fears were unfounded. Heaving a sigh of relief, Yuuto set foot in the slave trading firm.


Guiche Bellstein
Unique ability

 Rarity ☆☆☆☆☆
(A skill that creates a beeping sound that only the skill holder can hear when they are in life threatening crisis. The volume of the sound rises according to the degree of the risk)

The moment he entered the firm, Yuuto noticed a tall, handsome man. The reason why Yuuto noticed the man was because of the rare unique ability that he possessed, as well as the fact that this was the first time he saw a vampire.

Hou. I'm surprised. A new adventurer is walking with a sex slave.

Guiche muttered in a low tone as he gazed at Yuuto as if he was looking down on him.

T-to……call me a sex slave…… Master and I don't have such a relationship……

Oi. Spica, don't get delighted by being called a sex slave……

It seemed that Spica's M side was surfacing.

Oh my! Sir Andrea. That was rude of me. This adventure here is Konoe Yuuto…… he just became a member of our store the other day……

Jill, the slave merchant, said so as he looked at Guiche's expression.

Hmm. Konoe Yuuto, huh.

Guiche nodded as he scrutinized Yuuto's body.

Looking at you…… you have a spectacular body. Are training in some sort of martial arts?


Oh. Sorry. It is a hobby of mine to observe a human body that has been well trained. Hmmmm. Stunning……is not a worthy description. This is the first time I'm meeting the owner of such a tough body……

Um……Sir Andrea?

Jill called out to rein in Guiche's eccentricities.

That was rude of me. I was fascinated by your brilliant body. Oh well. Since I have finished my business, I will take my leave.

With these words, Guiche left the slave trading house.


Somehow, that person was very strange. However, he was probably not an ordinary person as he deduced master's splendor just by looking.

Spica spoke with venom in her words unintentionally. On the other hand, Yuuto felt that there was something off about Guiche.

……Who was that person?

That was a renowned noble of this town, Adrea Scott Marnish.


Yuuto listened to Jill's word with a dubious expression. It was weird, because the name that his magic eyes skill displayed and the name that Jill told him did not match. It could be that the man named Guiche was using a pseudonym for some purpose.

(……No. It was also the name of a famous noble, so that shouldn't be that case.)

Instead of a pseudonym, it would be better to assume that it was just a vampire pretending to be human.

Is it possible……that the man who just left a while ago is the one that has been buying all the slaves in this town?

When Yuuto asked this, Jill smiled as if he was resigned.

……I would ask you to not reveal this to anyone else. It is just as Yuuto-sama guessed. The fact is that Sir Andrea has been buying up all the slave girls in the city for the past two months, or at least, that's is the rumor within our industry.

I see.

The truth was revealed somehow. A vampire was posing as a human. A man had been buying up slaves for two months. And he had heard from Emilia at the Adventurer's Guild that there is a search quest to catch the Perpetrator of continuous kidnapping. All these facts pointed towards one person. It was not hard to imagine why a vampire would buy slaves or kidnap humans.

(Probably……He was just looking for a meal……)

Of course there is no evidence that the man from a while ago is the culprit of the continuous kidnappings. Yuuto had only reached this conclusion because of his demon eyes skill, it would be impossible to explain it to another person.

(Either way……it would be troublesome to get involved in something like this.)

He decided to not mention Guiche's name as much as possible. It was a commitment that only Yuuto would know.

Um……There is something difficult that I must report to Yuuto-sama. There was a new bid from Sir Andrea. The price of Sylphia has risen to 720,000 rea.

Huh…… Is that so.

He took back his previous statement. With Sylphia at stake, there is no way he could stay away from the vampire.

By the way, is the minimum increase in the bid decided by the shop?

Yes. The minimum bid for Sylphia is now 10,000 rea. In other words, to outbid Sir Andrea, Yuuto-sama must have 730,000 rea.

I understand.

(……Oh dear. That's only natural.)

If there is no lower limit, a vicious cycle of cowards who raise the bid by 1 rea can occur. Yuuto confirmed the money he had in his magic bag. His current fund was 15,050 rea.

When the time comes, he could always sell the items he had to the guild recognized store. He had the feeling that he could raise the rest of the 20,000 rea required for the minimum bid in the next 48 hours without any trouble.

(……I wonder if I should meet with Sylphia to give a report.)

Yuuto asked Jill to have a meeting with Sylphia.


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  2. -.- Unique Skill. UNIQUE. SKILL. He's opposing your bid, a monster (Vampire), and imposter, and clearly has less than savoury intentions for you. Also; UNIQUE SKILL. GET IT DAMNIT.

  3. lolz, attitude of "let's just ignore it"
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