Yuuto stayed up late developing the Tentacle Magic, and decided to continue it throughout the next day. He decided to not do any subjugation quests that day. While they didn't complain, he could see that Spica and Sylphia were tired from the previous day’s expedition. He did not want to overwork them by going on subjugation quests every day. It was necessary to moderate the two by giving them a day off when required.

Today was the day that he would find out about the result of the auction of the Sword of Usurper King》. Leaving Spica and Sylphia at the inn, Yuuto headed to the Guild approved store.


Oh, it's been a while. I have been waiting for brother

Adolph spoke in a friendly tone when he saw Yuuto.

The item that I put up for auction……can I get the remuneration?

Yes, you can! Brother is a lucky man. The article fetched the highest price amongst the goods that I auctioned this year.

Saying that, Adolph took out a flaxen bag that had expanded like a balloon.

Here. 2,400,000 rea!

The 240 pieces of gold coins make a nice sound when they are placed on the table.


Yuuto expressed his admiration when he saw the gold peek through the bag on the table. It was 400,000 rea greater than the 2 million that he had expected. When converted to Japanese yen, it became 4 million yen. The difference was great even for such a large sum.

Say, is brother interested in buying a house?

Um, sort of……

If you prefer, I could introduce you to a real estate agent? After all, a countryman like brother is an easy mark for frauds. I can assure you that something like that won't happen at the shop I would introduce to you.


Yuuto welcomed Adolph's suggestion. Currently, the inn was cramped with three people living in the room. Sooner or later, Yuuto had to move to a new base.

Well then. This map will lead you to the shop.

Thank you for everything.

Seeing Yuuto bow, Adolph displayed a lively smile.

Don't worry. I just wanted to teach a good man……not to make a mistake. Brother is a thoughtless guy.

Ha ha……

He feigned to ignore Adolph's knowing stare.

(This is……a truly good store……)

Yuuto left the guild approved store with a longing smile and head towards the real estate agent that Adolph had introduced to him.


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