Unexpected route

Episode 108: Unexpected route

While looking for the stairs leading to the next floor, they pushed forward on foot in the 2F of the dungeon.

Yuuto-kun. Stop.

Yuuto stopped at Lassen's behest. Spica and Sylphia who were at their master's back stopped as well.

There's probably a trap up ahead. Loot at the tile of the floor over there. You can see it barely, but the color is different from the surrounding.

……Its true. That one seems to be newer.

Lassen took out a rope from her bag that had an iron hook tied to it and hurled it at the tile with a different color. Immediately after that when the iron hook struck the tile, a gaping hole opened up in the floor.

It was a pit after all. Good grief! Be glad that I decided to to come along.

……Thank you. We were saved because of Lassen-san.

Fufufu. After all, you need experience for times like this. Be careful, Yuuto-kun. There seem to be lots of similar traps ahead.

Lassen's proud face showed that she had regained her dignity as the senior adventurer.

Ah! I thought of a great idea! If we enter the pit, could we go to the lower floors without using the stairs?

Hearing Yuuto's words, Lassen gave him a reproaching look.

………Could it be that you're an idiot? A pit in a dungeon doesn't conveniently lead to the lower floors.

Really? Then how about breaking the floor with my fist and going to the lower floor?

What an absurd thing to say. Such a foolish thing wo………eeeeeeeeeeeh!?

With a tremendous sound, Yuuto's fist shattered the dungeon's floor and created a huge hole. Lassen could hardly believe her eyes. To tell you the truth, breaking down walls in order to search was an experiment that the country was spending heavily on. However, dungeons were made with extremely tough substances that could regenerate, which meant that the result was not worth the effort. From the fight with the salamander a while ago, she had inferred that Yuuto's battle strength deviated heavily from what was common sense.

………We-well, it was unconventional, but not bad. I also wanted to try it a while ago.

Lassen nodded while sweating from her forehead. As the senpai, she felt as if she was being spoiled.
Um. The floor seems to be regenerating on its own. Shouldn't we go down instead of standing around absentmindedly?

Yuuto called from inside the hole.

Wa-wait! Don't leave without me! Don't leave! Yuuto-kun!?

If she lost sight of Yuuto here, she could very well end up dead. Realizing that, Lassen concealed her embarrassment and followed after the rest. With Yuuto's skill, they could use the trick and went deeper into the dungeon at a surprising speed.


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