Unexpected Reward

Episode 133: Unexpected Reward

Several days later, Yuuto returned to the Cait Sith village after defeating an unexpectedly powerful enemy and finishing the request to subjugate the ghouls.

Yuuto-kun. I heard the details from Luna. Sincerely……I thank you. The peace of this village is entirely your doing.

No no, Olivia-san doesn't need to do that. I'm just glad to be of help.

Inside the Undead King Thanatos' cave, not just Cait Sith, but people from other races were held captive as well. In fact, their numbers went well past 50. Most of them were weakened and on the verge of death, so Yuuto had inadvertently saved many lives.

By the way, Yuuto-kun? To the hero who saved the illage……its quite difficult for me to say this, but……

Olivia apologetically placed a bag of gold on the table. Inside it were approximately 20 gold pieces.

Unfortunately, our village cannot afford the reward for killing a legendary named monster. This small amount is all that could be scraped up.

The Cait Sith village was quite poor, and had barely managed to gather 20 gold.

Ah. No, I have no intention of receiving the money. Due to circumstances, I'm in no need of money.

Wha…… b-but you!? How could you say that?

Olivia was upset at Yuuto's words. From a young age, Olivia had learned from her grandfather thata person who provided distinguished military service must be provided proper compensation. Love lasts as long as money endures. If one depends on a person's kindness and not rewards them, unknowingly the person becomes distant.

Its fine. Because I have already received compensation.

……? What did you get……?

Hearing Yuuto's words, Olivia tilted her head in wonder.

However, I was surprised that Olivia was a maiden who had never kissed a man……


Understanding the meaning behind Yuuto's words, Olivia's cheeks reddened rapidly. To Yuuto, her value was a lot greater than money. But to use that fact in serious negotiations had surprised Olivia greatly.

I-in that case, I won't fore you further. Indeed, you took an important thing from me that I was protecting for 27 years!

Olivia replied in a partially defiant attitude. She'd never thought that she'd fall in love, and placed low value on her body as she was late in marrying. Olivia's heart was filled with the euphoric feeling that she hadn't felt in her life till now.

So, you…… Do you intend to leave the village tomorrow?

Eh, since Ririna and Sanya are waiting back home, I cannot stay longer than this.

……Then take this. This item should be a worthy reward for your work.

With this preface, Olivia threw a small stone at Yuuto.

Seal Breaker Magic Stone
 Rarity ☆☆
(The magic stone required to go inside a barrier. The engraving on the stone acts as the key.)

This is……?

If you have that stone, you can pass through the barrier surrounding the village and meet me anytime. ……I-I'll be your partner during the night whenever you wish! I don't care if you treat me like a local wife!


In exchange for defeating a legendary named monster, he had obtained a beautiful woman as a local wife. It was the most valuable reward he had received from this village. Because of Olivia's words, Yuuto decided to find the time to visit the Cait Sith village regularly.


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