Two maids

Two maids

Thank you for your work. Here is the reward for today's quest.

Thanks. Thank you very much.

Yuuto received the reward money from the counter at the Adventurer Guild. He had been able to complete three quests during the day's adventure.

● Subjugation of Red Slime
Required QR
 LV 1
Completion Criteria
 Subdue 10 red slime.
 200 rea and 10 QP

● Subjugation of Blue Slime
Required QR
 LV 1
Completion Criteria
 Subdue 10 blue slime.
 200 rea and 10 QP

● Subjugation of Bat
Required QR
 LV 1
Completion Criteria
 Subdue 10 bats.
 400 rea and 20 QP

Under the guidelines, he wouldn't complete the quests as he didn't subdue 10 monsters today. However, the following items still remained in Yuuto's bag from previous adventures.

Red Slime Nucleus ×
Blue Slime Nucleus ×
Bat Fang ×

Therefore he could say that he had completed three different quests. In addition, since Yuuto's QR had been promoted to 10 and he had earned the bronze title, his reward increased by 50%.

(As a result……I was able to round out the numbers.)

As for the day's income, Yuuto had received 1200 rea. He left the Adventurer's Guild with a satisfied smile.


On the way back Yuuto decided to purchase made outfits from Spica and Sylphia from the slave trader. The total price including knee-high socks, garter belts and headbands was 2000 rea. They were expensive but high quality goods made with materials that were good to touch.   He had wanted to buy maid outfits earlier, but since he had needed funds to successfully bid for Sylphia, he had swallowed his desire and became patient.

He wanted the see the two dressed in maid outfits as soon as possible. After buying two sets of maid outfits, Yuuto also bought some new underwear and some gloves to cover the curse mark, and hurriedly headed back to the inn.


……Ku. Is master a brute? To make me, a knight……to dress up as a maid……how humiliating……

Immediately after returning to the inn, Yuuto told Spica and Sylphia to dress up as maids.

Having dressed up as a maid, Sylphia reproached him as she held her skirt down.

Sylphia, you look good in it.

Since Spica had originally been a maid at an inn, there wasn't much resistance from her.

Ah. Honestly, it’s beyond my expectations.

Being surrounded by two maids, Spica and Sylphia, Yuuto was filled with a sense of fulfillment. Yuuto thought that a beautiful girl with beast ears and a beautiful busty blonde with blue eyes both looked similar in maid outfits, but had a different flavor to them. It was a wonderful feeling.

(After all……there is no beautiful girl who doesn't look good in maid outfits.)

Yuuto carefully enjoyed the absolute area between the knee socks and the skirt.


Then Spica, shall we begin the special magic training?

Yuuto suggested once he had thoroughly enjoyed the view of the two in maid outfits.

Um, but, that…… to do that in front of Sylphia……

Spica faltered and her cheeks were flushed.

Does it matter if Sylphia is here? It’s not like there is a need to feel guilty about it. Its only magic training after all.

……Yes, I understand. If that is what master desires.

? ? ?

Sylphia was puzzled at the exchange between the two. The reason being that the atmosphere between the two was not of people talking about serious magic training. However, Sylphia's question was answered immediately, when Yuuto raised his right hand and chanted.


Immediately a gust of wind blew inside the room out of nowhere and lifted up Spica's skirt gently. As for the color of Spica's underwear today……


Light Blue.

Yuuto smiled happily when he heard Spica's cute scream.

Fun. That was a clever scream. Did you intend to deceive my eyes by giving an innocent impression with your underwear!? I know the truth. Spica is a dirty woman that thinks of indecent things all the time!

Uuu. Master is cruel……

This bitch! Hey! This not a time to rest! Show me your underwear! Wind!


Spica received Yuuto's wind magic without any resistance and revealed her underwear. Sylphia on the other hand, blinked several times as she found herself dumbfounded.

Wha-wha-wha………What!? What's going on!?

What's going on…… as you can see, it's just magic training?

……Training? There is no way something so shameless can be training!

Sylphia was enraged, and her cheeks reddened. For her, who had been born and raised at a knight's family and had led a proper life, the exchange between the two people in front of her was too strong of a stimulus.

Naa, Sylphia. Is it fine if you participate too?

Do-don't say such a stupid thing! Why would I, a knight, have to take part in such a shameless display!?

Even though Sylphia had denied it with words, Yuuto could sense a different feeling from Sylphia. This feeling came from Yuuto's own sadistic nature, which made him think that perhaps……Sylphia had the same masochistic disposition as Spica. Yuuto presumed that since she had been raised by strict knights, Sylphia was not used to expressing her own feelings.

(In that case……I need to push Sylphia back)

Fun. Hmm……Speak you real feelings.

Yuuto ordered Sylphia by using the mysterious ability of the slave contract.

Fueeeeeee. Flirting only amongst yourself is dirty! I also want to be part of the group too……Ha!

After revealing a lot, Sylphia tried to stop herself by shutting her mouth with her hand.

Th-this is different! Just now! I was joking!

She couldn't meet his eyes from her shyness. This was probably the most Sylphia had ever been flustered in her life.

Fun. By any chance, does Sylphia……like to be teased and is a huge M?

Don't joke! No matter what, master's current words are inexcusable! I request you to correct it! Is the master……laughing at the proud Rougenberg house?

Fun. Hmm...Speak your real feelings.

Yes! Sylphia is a huge M slave that wants master to do perverted things to me forcefully. ……wa!

Sylphia began to tear up and shake in embarrassment as she had spoken her true intention.

(It’s beyond my expectations……)

Sylphia's delusions were indeed unexpected. Yuuto felt an unspeakable sense of guilt.

Ah. It's alright. Recently my hearing has been bad. I did not hear anything.


Un. It is just magic training. There is nothing to be ashamed of. It will help me greatly if Sylphia helped with my training.

To avoid traumatizing Sylphia, Yuuto decided to help her indirectly.

……I-is that so? Training? If it is indeed training……there is nothing to be guilty for, right?

After mumbling an excuse to herself, Sylphia continued.

I-if there is no other choice. Helping master with his training is a knight's duty. I have decided to go with it.

She bashfully spoke such words.

(Ooo………, Will I have a chance to see her underwear as much as I want every night!?)

Sylphia's statement about participation unintentionally increased Yuuto's tension. With the participation of two beautiful girls, the magic training for the day progressed in various ways.

By the way, the color of Sylphia's underwear was white.


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