Tower of the Four Beasts

Episode 132: Tower of the Four Beasts

After that, approximately eight hours had passed. Nearly 200 kilometers east of Lownas Grasslands was a building known as the Tower of the Four Beasts. On the top floor, a demon was watching the fight between Yuuto and Thanatos inside a Gilded Room.

Is that him? The boy who singlehandedly defeated the undead king Thanatos……

His name was Mammon. Of the Seven Deadly Sins, he represented Greed and was known for having overwhelming wealth and military strength. As he watched the fight on a crystal ball, Mammon drank some wine from an elegant glass.

Haah. This video was recorded yesterday. This boy called Konoe Yuuto had been gaining some fame amongst the demons.

An Imp, a lower class demon, informed Mammon while he had his head lowered.

It would appear so. He certainly can fight for a human. No wonder Lucifer and the others has their eyes on him.

Having defeated strong demons and named monsters, Yuuto had come to be known amongst the demons.

Hoewever, Thanatos' death was unexpected. I had intended to give him a warm welcome to the Four Beasts…… but I was disappointed.

Including the monsters, Mammon's army was 10,000 strong. His forces were unusually abundant and if he had added Thanatos, the strongest Named Monster ever, as a subordinate, he would immediately reach the fifth ranking.

Mammon-sama, shall I say something? With all due respect, this boy called Konoe Yuuto……I believe he is an existence that would become increasingly dangerous the longer he is allowed free reign.

However, the strength of his body is interesting. ……That's right. The person who'll bring me his corpse will get a 100 million rea as reward.

One……100 million!?

100 million rea in Trywide was equivalent to 1 billion yen in Modern Japan. While it was difficult for even demons to acquire such an exorbitant amount of money, for Mammon who had a successful hidden business of selling Magic Stones of Summoning, 100 million rea was just loose change.

Fufufu. Konoe Yuuto. I don't know much about you, but you'll regret defying us.

Mammon laughed fearlessly as he refilled his now empty glass with wine. Having defeated the strongest Named Monster Undead King Thanatos, Yuuto had unknowingly created a more formidable enemy.


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