To return to the original world

To return to the original world

That's right……I haven't asked the most important thing yet. Sylphia remember when I told you that I was summoned from a different world? It's fine even if it’s trivial. Tell me if you have any clues.

Because several things happened, his original intentions had gone unattended. Yuuto had decided to buy Sylphia at the slave trading firm originally because she had clues to returning to his original world.

……I understand. However, first I must talk about the Rougenberg house that I was born in.

Sylphia began talking about her own birth as a preface.

My house, for generations, had served the royal family as knights. Luhmer's king Garius-sama was a family friend. I was allowed to enter the palace during childhood, and knew the Luhmer Princess Ulrika-sama. That's why……I was able to learn some information about summoning from different worlds.

Sylphia continued with a complicated look.

It was a certain day. I had sneaked into the Royal Palace to secretly meet with Ulrika-sama…… when I discovered something accidentally. Garius-sama…… was meeting with Demons secretly. The demon called himself Mammon. Mammon said, Luhmer is going to go to war with Rodhran in the near future. You should but some Magic Stone of Summoning and summon some different world people and use them as slaves in the war. Of course, the proud king of Luhmer refused the demon's offer. In retrospect…… we might have lost the war with Rodhran because of that.

……Is that so?

Although she didn't show it on her face, her words showed Sylphia's feelings of immeasurable regret.

In addition to that the demon had said something else. The demons had obtained the technology to produce the Magic Stone of Summoning to summon people from different worlds. And also that……if a person knew about returning to the original world……it would be a demon. That is all the information that I know of. I'm sorry.

No no, you really helped me out. Thank you, Sylphia.

Having heard Sylphia's words, Yuuto had one regret.

(……Was it a mistake to defeat that vampire guy?)

Guiche had called himself a demon on his own. Because it was in the middle of the battle, Yuuto hadn't paid much attention to it. In retrospect, he might have gotten some information out of Guiche.

Even so I want to hear another thing. What on earth are the demons? And where do you go to meet them?

……Fumu. Master really does not know things from our world.

Having said so, Sylphia continued.

Demons……is a generalized name given to the people who ruled the humans 500 years ago. Where do the demons live now……no one knows. After losing the war with humanity, they had shirked any contact with humans and gone into hiding. The vampire that tried to harm us was an unusual existence.

……I see.

Having heard the story from Sylphia, Yuuto had a faint understanding of what he must do next. The goal was to capture a demon that knew about the Magic Stone of Summoning and interrogate him for the information. In particular, he needed to find any humans who knew of the demon Mammon that Sylphia talked about.

And the next challenge was to strengthen Yuuto's combat capacity. Even though he had one the fight, the life force of the vampire exceeded Yuuto's imagination. There was a possibility that he would fight even stronger demons, so it was required to strengthen his combat capability.

Fortunately, Yuuto had the unique ability Ability Looting that stole skills from defeated monsters. He could use this ability to effectively increase his combat capability. With a renewed determination, Yuuto returned to the inn with Sylphia where Spica was waiting for them.


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    You should BUY some 《Magic Stone of Summoning》

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