The property's special circumstances

The property's special circumstances

The third house that Rikaruth showed to him was an ultra-luxurious mansion that was in the outskirts of the city.

(As for this……mansion, I am already feeling good about it……)

Not just 100, the mansion could house 200, maybe even 300 people. There was a large circular garden and the area was so huge that he could even build a farm if he wanted to.

Because of various reasons, the all-inclusive price of this house is 2 million rea.

2 million!?

Rikaruth's words shocked Yuuto. Because the price that Rikaruth mentioned was one-tenth of what Yuuto expected.

……Why is it so cheap?

Does brother know of Andrea Scott Marnish, the city’s most prominent noble?

……Uh, sort of.

Andrea Scott Marnish was a person that Yuuto had never actually met. However, he did know Guiche Bellstein, the vampire that had hijacked Andrea's body and invaded the city of Expein. The vampire had bought up the slaves of the city using Andrea's power and funds. That is, until Yuuto killed him in a desperate fight.

I'll tell you the story quickly. This was a villa that Sir Andrea used frequently in his lifetime. The truth is not clear about Sir Andrea's mysterious death. And what was strange was the cause of death of the parasitic vampire that had taken over Sir Andrea. While there were no external wounds, his entire skeletal structure and internal organs were destroyed. Such a terrible thing……

I-is that so?

Yuuto could not say that he was the one that had defeated the vampire.

Because of such circumstances……nobody wants to approach this mansion. So, what will it be? There is virtually nothing known about the incident. If approached unskillfully……isn't it possible to get caught up in a dispute with demons? Therefore……the mansion is being sold for an exceptional price of 2 million rea.

……I see.

Hearing Rikaruth's words Yuuto tried to calm himself and not to reveal the smile that was threatening to show.

(……I was lucky!)

Because Yuuto was one of the few people that actually knew the truth about the vampire incident. Since his own fist was the reason for the death of the vampire, there was nothing to worry about.

Well, if you are worried about the circumstances, I think there are no more properties. The expensive things has been taken outside, but the bare minimum furniture still remain. If you want to live here, you could probably start from tomorrow. Above all……the site area competes for the 1st or 2nd place position in Expein.

……I understand. I have decided on this house. I'll buy it.

Yuuto decided promptly. After listening to all the conditions, he had found no issues.

Oi oi. Is it alright!? Isn't brother afraid of demons?

Eh, well. I just thought that I was lucky to buy the house cheaply for such a reason.

……What a great man! As expected of the man that Adolph aniki favored! What's the deal with you? I'm liking brother more and more……

Rikaruth looked at Yuuto with passionate eyes as he blushed.

……B-by the way, Are you free tonight? Will brother go out for a drink with me to celebrate the purchase of your new home?

No, I'm fine.

Yuuto refused Rikaruth's invitation suitable. He decided to return to the inn after finishing the procedure for buying the house. He wanted to look at the surprised look on Spica and Sylphia.


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