Taste of a Female Knight

Taste of a Female Knight

Having finished the battle, Yuuto decided to leave the mansion before an uproar occurred. He did not forget to take Guiche's equipment.

Sword of the Usurper King
Rarity ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
(This sword can take away the target's freedom. It can cause the target to be paralyzed.)

Noble's Tuxedo
Rarity ☆☆
(It is poor as an armor but excellent as a dress)

Noble's Boot
Rarity ☆☆
(It is poor as an armor but excellent as a dress)

He looted the person that had stolen from him fist so even if he took the equipment he shouldn't be punished. He had guessed that from auctioning the Rank 6 Legendary Orc Sword for 700,000 rea. If auctioned, the rank 7 Sword of Usurper King should fetch a good price. It would be a valuable funds for future adventures.

It was a shame, but he had to give up on the Noble's boot and tuxedo. Even after a good wash, the blood wouldn't come out of them. They were only rank 2, so Yuuto didn't think they were worth it.


Ah, that's right. Should I give this equipment to Sylphia?

Mithril Blade
Rarity ☆☆☆☆
(A sword made with a rare metal. It is so sharp that it can split rocks)

Elemental Armor
Rarity ☆☆☆☆☆
(Armor made with special minerals with high magic resistance. Its size is adjusted automatically to the body of the user)

Yuuto took out the items he obtained at the Rocky Mountain Caves from the Magic Bag and handed them to Sylphia.

This is……!? Where did you get such a rare item……?

Growing up at a knight's house, Sylphia understood the value of the equipment. High performance mithril armor was something that knight's craved for, but was not something given to a lowly female knight.

……I'm sorry. As a slave, I cannot receive such expensive equipment that overshadow master's equipment.

It's fine. Just take them without complaining. Otherwise they would just rot in the bag.


Then let's do it this way. By giving you expensive equipment, I want Sylphia to work hard. That would make me the gladdest.

When Yuuto encouraged forcibly, Sylphia accepted them hesitantly.

……I understand. I will receive them gratefully if master says so.

Sylphia received the equipment from Yuuto with an exaggerated bow. Having equipped the mithril sword and elemental armor, Sylphia looked like a real knight.

(……Un. Not bad.)

Because the armor adjusted its size to Sylphia's body, it fitted perfectly along Sylphia's bountiful chest, oozing an indescribable sex appeal. Although Spica's breasts were not small, but were incomparable to Sylphia's. The space between the sturdy metal armor and soft body was filled with men's romance.

And having passed through complications, Yuuto decided to ask Sylphia how to get back to his original world.


  1. i will quote sora from ngnl. why do people always go back to theire original world

    1. It was mentioned in the first few chapter of this story why he wants to go back

    2. he doesn't want that he want to have a way to go back if the things go bad, like have a incurable ill that can be cured in earth, is like a life insurance.

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    Why isn't he keeping "Sword of the Usurper King" instead of selling the "Mithril Blade" instead?

    1. Yeah, it's pretty annoying how he keeps selling the rare drops instead of keeping it for himself, like, bruh... money can easily be made. Rare items not.
      Besides, shouldn't he still have the 700,000 something from the bidding? He didn't have to pay them upfront, right? If so, what a shitty system. What if the shop was robbed? And besides, even if he did pay them upfront, his merchandise was STOLEN FROM THE SHOP, not him. THEY are at fault, not him. He should get his money back. He just went and had a duel to the fucking death with a FUCKING VAMPIRE. It would be pretty stupid and plot-convenient (or inconvenient) if he doesn't get his money back.