Sylphia Rougenberg

Sylphia Rougenberg

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Sylphia Rougenberg
Unique ability

Yuuto thought at first that 700,000 rea was a little surprising, but wasn't it too cheap for a girl of such beauty? Her age should be 16, the same as Yuuto and her straight blonde hair gives her the air of a European noble that a Japanese would crush on.

Her clothes were of a higher quality than the rest of the slaves, increasing her price, and one's eyes would get attracted by her bountiful chest. Spica's chest wasn't small at all, but when compared, the difference is as clear as the difference between Mt. Everest and Mt. Takao.

However, he wondered why her expression lacked any feeling. It was like a doll with no emotions.

This is Sylphia, who was born and raised in the family of a famous knight who served the royal family. She had been trained since her childhood. Therefore, she should be good with a sword. Her beauty above all increases her rarity. I have been in the slave trading business for 20 years, but I have never before handled a slave who was this beautiful.


Yuuto realized something when he heard Jill's remark.

(A knight who served the royal family……!? Is it possible that she may know the way back to my original world?)

When he had previously talked to Spica, he had heard that people connected with the royal family could know how to get back to his original world. His current situation meant that he had to increase his QR in order to search for clues about how to return to his original world, and he was nowhere close to that goal.

By the way, why is she a slave?

Ah, half a year ago, the lord of her home lost a war to us, and the vassal state of Luhmer was formed. Most humans from Luhmer were either killed or sold off as slaves, but she was lucky to escape and hide deep in the mountains. There she was captured by the soldiers of our country and thus she is being sold as a slave.

Hmm. She is quite unfortunate. But, isn't 700,000 rea a little cheap for her?

No way! No matter how beautiful, the price of a sex slave doesn't rise beyond 500,000 rea under normal circumstances. And as for her……… she is a difficult person. Because she tends to be rude to our customers, we haven't been able to find a buyer.

………I see. Because of that, she has been prohibited from expressing her feelings with the slave contract?

Yuuto was spot on, causing Jill to widen his eyes in surprise.

Yes. It is just like you guessed. Sylphia has been given instructions different than the other slaves. To express her feelings through words or expressions. These two things are forbidden. Because otherwise, she rampages severely.

Is that so?

Hearing that even expressing one's feelings can be banned, Yuuto realized the horrors of the slave contract.

I want to talk to her with just the two of us. For the time being, could you rescind those orders?

Um, but ……

C’mon. Don't tell me you want take your customer's money without even letting them know what kind of personality she has?

Jill was at a loss of words due to Yuuto's pressing.

……I understand. However, let me give you an advice. If she is rude to customers, we would not take any responsibility.

I accepted that from the beginning.

……I will remove the seal for ten minutes. Please talk to her without reserve.

Because it require overwriting the orders of the slave contract Jill whispered in Sylphia's ears and walked away from Yuuto quickly.

(……Well, Here is the moment of truth.)

Does Sylphia really hold the clues to returning to his original world? If she does know it, then how does he get that information out of her?

The instant Jill leaves the room, a variety of tactics appeared in Yuuto's head.


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