Spoils of War

Episode 3: Spoils of war

Immediately after the battle with the orcs finished, Yuuto decided on the long term goal of finding a way back to his home world. Yuuto was not excited about being summoned to a different world because he judged this world to be one where he would not be troubled if he used his martial arts in battle. However while that may be true, he had to find a way back home.

While the medical standard of this world couldn't be determined, the existence of demons was a certainty, and the number was certainly greater than present day Japan. For example, after this…… it was possible to contract a disease that can't be cured unless one returns to modern Japan immediately. In front of such a possibility, the option to return to his original world would be welcome. Which world he would end up living in can be decided after leisurely comparing the two.


Naturally, his first priority was money. Yuuto was summoned to this world while he was sleeping, and thus with the exception of a jersey, he was wearing his sleep wear. Fortunately, there were ten corpses of orcs lying around. 

Let's search for something valuable……

He began stripping the orcs, while keeping in mind not to have excessive expectation.


Ten minutes later.

……Oh. The harvest was better than expected.

Yuuto was excited at the unexpected results. First he arranged the currency the orcs had.

Iron coins × 45 pieces
(Common currency of Trywide. 1 was worth 10 rea)

Copper coins × 19 pieces
(Common currency of Trywide. 1 was worth 100 rea)

Silver coins × 7 pieces
(Common currency of Trywide. 1 was worth 1000 rea)

Gold coins × 5 pieces
(Common currency of Trywide. 1 was worth 10000 rea)

If the information from 《Demon Eyes》 is true, then his funds amounted to 59350 rea. However the actual value of currency was not clear, but since this amount was pillaged from 10 orcs, he believed it was a suitable amount. After that he organized the orcs' weapons.

Orc Spear × 9
(Spear favored by the Orcs. Because it was made with cheap material, the performance is low.)

Orc Wand × 1
(Wand favored by the Orcs. Because it was made with cheap materials, the performance is low.)

Hmm. All rank 1 rarity……

Although the spoils of war was numerous, their value was unknown. The bespectacled Orc was the one with an Orc Wand. Since there was a wand, does the concept of magic exist in this world? Maybe it was possible to see 《Magic》 by participating in fights.

……Damn. Should I have let the battle continue for a little more? I made a mistake.

Yuuto ruefully moved to the next item.

Kobold Long Pipe
Rarity ☆☆☆
(Tobacco pipe favored by Kobolds. Since there is a unique flavor when puffed, there are many enthusiasts.)

Magic Bag
Rarity ☆☆☆☆
(A handy bag for carrying items. Can carry up to 100 kilos.)

Given the rarity, these items should be valuable. By the way, these items were taken from the Orc boss. The items are quite rare…… as expected of a slave trader, even if it was just an orc. What caught his attention was the 《Magic Bag》. If the information of 《Demon Eyes》 is to be believed, it could hold up to 100 kilos. Yuuto decided to put in an Orc Spear that was lying around to test it.


The 1 meter long spear that was bigger than the bag was sucked in immediately. Encouraged by the success, Yuuto began stowing away all the items into the bag. As a result……He succeeded in storing all the items away. Because he could carry the 9 cumbersome spears, he was quite pleased.

「……I got something useful. I could steal items from the mansion with this bag!」

Yuuto's spirit rose as he stood in the room full of corpses of orcs.