Spica and Sylphia

Spica and Sylphia

I see. At this rate, Andrea Scott Marnish, the noble will become my master.

Ah. Rest assured, because I will get you with any means necessary.

Yuuto decided to keep quiet about the vampire to Sylphia. Because it was unlikely that she would believe it in the first place, and even if she did it would only worry her more.

Spica……was it. Looking into your eyes, I can say with confidence that Spica-dono has been taken good care by her master.


Spica became flustered as she was addressed suddenly.

I-indeed……master takes good care of me every day. But, how did you figure it out?

A shadow fell over Sylphia's eyes when asked by Spica.

Until now……I have seen plenty of slaves. Slaves with an arrogant master can be identified at once. They are forbidden from inflicting any self-injury and can't even end their miserable lives. They are forced to work until they die. Such people……their eyes are the same.

That! There is now way master is like that! He hasn't ordered me to do anything that I didn't like.

……See. Which is why I thought Spica was treasured.

Sylphia continued with determination in her eyes.

Yuuto dono. Would you listen to my request?

What's the matter?

After settling this affair……could you keep me at your side as a slave?


Yuuto widened his eyes in surprise, because their original agreement was that after hearing the clues to return to the original world, he would free Sylphia. While he would be paying a huge amount of money, it was against Yuuto's beliefs to enslave someone who was reluctant by force.

……Sylphia is fine with that?

Ah. From the very beginning, my story is miserable. This world is not so good that a woman without any support can live alone. But……to have a master to serve as a knight is enough for a knight. I have deemed Yuuto-dono to be a man that I can serve my whole life.

I am unworthy of your praise. I'm not as respectable of a man as you think.

No! Sylphia-san's judgment is correct!

Spica strongly denied Yuuto's words.

Master is wonderful! Your physical and mental strength is splendid! That is my unbiased opinion! Becoming master's slave is the happiest moment of my life!

……Hmm. To be described with such kind words by your slave……My opinion about Yuuto dono has risen.

In response to Sylphia's words, Spica began shedding tears of joy.

Uuu. I have finally found someone who can truly understand master's splendor! Sylphia san! Please……become my slave companion! 」〈TL note: Dorei Nakama sounds so much better than slave companion though.

(……What the hell is a slave companion!?)

As Spica and Sylphia passionately shook their hands, Yuuto delivered a tsukkomi in his mind.

Companion……huh. It has been a long time since I heard those words. What do you say? Yuuto dono. Will you consider taking me as your slave?

There's no reason for me to refuse. It would always be better to have another companion during adventures.

When Yuuto replied, Sylphia smiles as brightly as a blooming flower. The smile was so beautiful that Yuuto's heart skipped a beat.

It has been decided. After this while affair is settled, I will devote my whole life to serve you as my lord.

Ah. Your words are reassuring. I look forward to it.

Sylphia, who was born and raised as a knight and was very good with a sword, will be useful during adventures. With only one combat capable member, his current party was unstable. In order to make his party more stable, he needed to add members who can fight.

(So it's decided……I must quickly earn the money……)

There is a huge risk of Sylphia facing danger if he lost this auction. No matter what amount of money he makes, it will help in ensuring Syphia's safety. Having decided so, Yuuto left the slave firm and headed towards the adventurer's guild to take on subjugation quests.


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