Soul Creation

Episode 134: Soul Creation

After that, five days had passed since Yuuto defeated the legendary named monster Thanatos. Following the mortal combat the other day, Yuuto was relaxing in the peaceful times.

Waaaaa………! Appear! My servant!

Right now Yuuto was testing out the skill Soul Creation that he stole from Thanatos in the garden of the mansion.

Soul Creation
 Rarity ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
(The skill places a soul in a vessel)

Yuuto poured magical energy into the pond, which was onverted into a soul and before long, a monster appeared.

Water Incarnation
 Threat LV 1 State (Taming)

Puku! Puku!

Water Incarnation, as it name suggests, was a monster made out of water. It was approximate 10 centimeters in length and looked somewhat like a 2 legged fairy.

Fuu So it was like this.

Working for a while, Yuuto released a relieved breath after successfully creating 30 Water Incarnations. Soul Creation was converting his magical power into a soul, and was taking more magical power than necessary as he was still unaccustomed to it. He had become fatigued after creating only 5 Water Incarnations on the first day.

(Even though I keep making them……I can't really find a use for them.)

From Yuuto's experimentations, he could maintain the Water Incarnations for two hours at most. In other words, if left alone, their figure deteriorates and they turn back to water in two hours. If they could maintain their body they could be used to guard the house, but it seemed like there was no use for Water Incarnations other than training Soul Creation.


All right. Let's take a break. Tree Incarnation! Give me an apple.

Yuuto sat down on the ground and spoke profound words.

Tree Incarnation
 Threat LV 13 State (Taming)


In response to Yuuto's words, the Tree Incarnation drops an apple from its body. The Tree Incarnation was a monster created by Yuuto the day before when he used Soul Creation on an apple tree. Its appearance wasn't any different from a regular tree except for the fact that it now had eyes and a mouth.

(In comparison to the Water Incarnation……the Tree Incarnation doesn't seem to degrade at all.)

During the last few days, he had experimented with Soul Creation and understood something. The skill could create creatures by placing souls into objects, but the combat potential was dependent completely on the container. The reason for this was that suitable containers were needed to keep the soul in it for a long time. He now realized that Thanatos gathered human corpses because they were suitable containers that could stop the soul from leaving the body. So water from a nondescript pond produced Water Incarnations that were weaker than slimes and died soon.

Master! Ririna-san says that dinner is ready!

He suddenly heard a familiar voice.

This is bad.

Yuuto had gotten hasty. Because Soul Creation could create monsters freely, he had forgotten that this might be taboo. Due to this, Yuuto hadn't let anyone else see him inspecting the Soul Creation skill.


Spica was speechless. Around Yuuto, 30 Water Incarnations were walking about. As they weren't monsters they were used to seeing in the mansion in large quantities, it was a natural reaction.

Master, what is this……?

Kukuku. You must never touch these……it’s a taboo……!

Since he had already been found out, Yuuto decided to instead play with Spica.

This girl doesn't know her place…… You should have never opened Pandora's box!

Um, Master……What do you mean?

Suffer! Water Incarnations! Seize her!

「「「Puku! Puku!」」」

On Yuuto's orders, the Water Incarnations all at once moved towards Spica.


Yuuto predicted that in this situation, Spica would scream Iee. Ieeeeeeeeee! and run around scared. It was Yuuto's hobby to see Spica react like that whenever possible.

Ta! Hngh!

However this time, Yuuto's expectations were greatly betrayed. Having been taking sword lessons from Sylphia, Spica pulled out a longsword from its sheath and skillfully defeated the Water Incarnations.

What……!? When did Spica get so strong……!?

Originally, Spica's reflexes were quite good. Thus, even though she was a novice at sword play, she effectively dispatched the 30 Water Incarnations.

I-I did it! I was able to defeat monsters for the first time!

Spica gave a dazzling smile at her splendid achievement. He had already tested and come to the conclusion that he could acquire skills through Ability Plunder if the monsters were created by him.

(Water Incarnations……may also be good opponents for Spica when she is practicing her sword skills.)

Experiencing unexpected trouble, Yuuto found a new use for the Water Incarnations.


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