Securing a means of transportation

Episode 89 : Securing a means of transportation

Ben McLuger
Unique Ability

When Yuuto entered the shop he was looking for, he saw a muscular man.

(………Uwa, it’s another muscular person.)

His appearance was similar to Adolph except he was younger. The wild bear like man seemed to have peculiar disposition.

Excuse me, I came here due to an introduction from Adolph san of the guild recognized store.

What!? An introduction from Adolph-aniki……!?

As soon as he heard Adolph's name, Ben's expression became serious as he looked Yuuto over from head to toe. Immediately after he smiled as he was pleased with what he saw.

………I see, you are a good man.

Again, such deep words were spoken. Yuuto did to see what exactly did they Understood. Yuuto had an intense deja vu.

Um, I'm here today to look for an air bike.

Gahaha. My shop has the best air bikes in Rhodran. Please look at them leisurely.

………I understand.

Exactly as Ben stated, the store was stocked with a variety of vehicles. Yuuto had never looked at any of the products in the store. Out of all of them, he was especially interested in a mysterious automobile being displayed at the center of the shop.

Excuse me, although it’s not related to the bike, but that car……

Just like Yuuto had been surprised by the existence of women's underwear in this world, he was surprised to unexpectedly find a car.

Oh! You're quite knowledgeable about vehicles, lad! Unlike the air bike, the car has a vehicle, so you can ride it even when it’s raining, and a total of 5 people can ride it together!

………No, I sort of understand, but why is such a convenient vehicle not popular?

When Yuuto questioned him, Ben folded his arms.

Fumu. Well, there are variety of reasons, but the main problem is that it has bad efficiency. The car is powered by Fire Magic Stone, but Fire Magic Stone is more expensive and in higher demand that Wind Magic Stone. It has very bad mileage as it is very heavy, so only rich people can afford it.

……I see.

The reason was very persuasive. Yuuto could already see that Fire and Water Magic Stone are both daily necessities. On the other hand, there aren't many uses for Wind Magic Stones. Since there is low demand, they can be used to power the air bike cheaply.

Incidentally, the nobles with the most gold are conservative and think that a carriage is a more elegant way of travelling long distances. That's why a person with a car at the present are thought to be eccentric.

It was a situation like that……

While he may be interested in the car, what he needed right now was the air bike. After Ben's explanation, Yuuto decided to check out the air bikes displayed throughout the shop. 20 minutes later, he had narrowed down the air bike he wanted to buy quicker than he anticipated.

The model that Yuuto picked could carry three people, which was necessary as he would travel with Spica and Sylphia. The reason why it could carry three passengers was because it had a sidecar attached to it. Its price was 90,000 rea. In Japanese currency, that’s 900,000 yen. It was being sold at a good price, but he felt that he would get a discount due to Adolph's introduction.

High Purity Magic Stone (Wind)
 Rarity ☆☆
(Magic Stone of high purity made from processing wind magic stone.)

I'll give you a discount, as you're a good man, lad. I'll give you three High Purity Magic Stones for free.

………Th-thank you very much.

It was another example of the good man discount being applied. It was a complicated feeling, but he decided to let it go. High Purity magic stone is 10 times rarer than the regular magic stone which had a price of 1000 rea each. It was an item necessary to make the air bike move. And then after receiving an explanation on how to drive the air bike, Yuuto forcibly put bike away in the bag and left the shop.


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