Second Companion

Second Companion

This is the most recommended product of our store.

The first person that Jill brought out was a tall girl who was greater than 180 cm in height.

Acacia Veltray
Unique Ability

(……This is no good.)

That was Yuuto's frank impression. It’s not like Yuuto hated tall women. He actually preferred them. However, Acacia was muscular, like a body builder. 

There was a mysterious scar on her forehead. It was not a problem of being cute or ugly, rather her appearance was that of a veteran warrior.

How about it? She belongs to the powerful Dragonewt race, and has the best combat capabilities amongst our products. Furthermore, Acacia has experience as an adventurer, and has talent for a combat slave. Her lowest price is 70,000 rea.

……Lowest price?

I'm sorry about that. I haven't explained it to you yet. In this shop, all products are sold via auction. Which means that lowest price and minimum bids are fixed. After placing a bid, if there are no other buyers, then bidder can purchase the slave.

I see. I understand.

While her combat ability is high and her prior experience as an adventurer was enticing, if he were to buy a slave, he wanted them to be beautiful. There was no problem with price and ability, but Acacia did not fit with the harem that Yuuto envisioned. 

Can you show me some more choices?

Certainly. Please wait a moment.

Jill realized that Acacia did not catch Yuuto's fancy and left the room.


Two minutes later, Jill brought a girl that belonged to the same Lycan race as Spica.

(……Hmm. I wonder if I should say yes or no?)

The girl was around 17 years old. Objectively, her appearance was good, and she had a quiet atmosphere. Yuuto thought that she would be a good buy as a slave, but he had to take all possibilities into account.

She has a lower limit price of 80,000 rea.

……It's higher than the price of the Dragonewt from before.

Yes. Usually the price of this product would have a price of 50,000 rea. But as I have said before, a noble has been buying several sex slaves, so the price of beautiful women are high.

I see. She is not bad, but……… I would like to see the other women for comparison. Can you not show me the others?

I understand. Please wait a minute as I bring them.

Jill bows and leaves with the Lycan girl.


After that,   Yuuto met with five women. However, No one was in as good condition as the first girl, or as beautiful as the second girl.

I'm sorry. There is only one more female slave in our store. But, there is a big problem with her……

Oh? And what's that?

She already has a bid of 700,000 rea. Therefore, depending on your budget, it could be a waste of time to meet her……

Jill mentions this as he looked at Yuuto indirectly.

No, that's not beyond my budget.

Yuuto's funds were now 728,550 rea due to the earnings from the auction. Considering the cost of living, it would leave him with just enough to survive, so he could bid if he was stretching himself.

……!? In that case, please wait a bit as I bring the product.

Jill was surprised by Yuuto's words, but kept a calm appearance as he left the room.

(700,000 rea………that's beyond my expectations……)

If Jiil was to be believed, it was 10 times the price of a girl. For what reason would she have such a high price? Perhaps, she was a human with a specific ability.

After a few minutes, an incredibly beautiful girl appeared before Yuuto, the kind of which he had never seen.


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