The next morning, it took Yuuto longer to wake up than usual.

It was because Spica had said Please rest your body tomorrow! Promise me! and made him promise.

Even though the wound was closed by Spica's recovery magic, it wasn't completely healed.

(Spica…… is such a worrywart.)

While it wasn't painful to the point that it was a hindrance in battle, he didn't want to treat Spica's concern lightly.

Because of that, Yuuto decided to rest, and walk around the town instead of taking on a subjugation quest.


It had already been 48 hours since the items obtained at the Orc Mansion was put up for auction.

Yuuto visited the guild authorized store to receive the payment.

Seeing Yuuto, Adolph called out in a friendly tone.

Oh. It's been a while. I was waiting for you.

I wonder if I could receive the money for the items that I put up for auction?

Oh! You are quite lucky. There weren't any other valuable items up for auction, so there were several bids placed for them.

Adolph places a gold coin on the table.

For the Kobold Long Pipe, the successful bid was 10,000 rea. Well…… it was about the market price. Because there are several rich enthusiasts for the hobby, the price is stable.

……Oh. Thank you.

He didn't think that a long pipe would fetch him 10,000 rea.
Yuuto became excited unintentionally.

Next is the Legendary Orcish Sword……… it’s a rare equipment that is seldom sold in the market. I was afraid of what might happen…… in the end, it was sold for 700,000 rea.


Yuuto exclaimed in surprise as 70 gold coins are piled onto the table.

However, his reaction was natural.

Just one item had a price that was equivalent to 7 million yen when converted.

He had underestimated the legendary orc.

You got a lot of money in one go. While it would be good to get some good equipment, I recommend buying a slave.

A ……slave?

Ah. Adventurers with a good income add a slave to their party, you know? Quests become a lot easier when there is a slave in the party. There isn't any dispute regarding splitting of item drops.

……I see.

He decided to not tell Adolph that he already had a slave in Spica.

It would be unnatural for a beginner who has only been an adventurer for two days to already have a slave.

He needed to explain the situation to Spica, who was waiting at the inn.

I can recommend a guild approved store if you want to buy a slave. Slave trading may be shady, but the shop can be trusted.

……!? Guild approved store!?

Ah, that's right. Demand for slaves are high among adventurers.


Yuuto was amazed by the culture gap with Japan.

The fact that a public authority would recognize slave trading is unthinkable in Japan.

However in this world, it’s possible.

(Then……it’s possible to legally build a slave harem filled with beautiful girls if I have money!?)

His original funds amounted to 18,550 rea.

But because of the auction sales, Yuuto's current funds increased to 728,550 rea.

With this amount of money, it is possible for Yuuto to buy a talented person such as Spica.

That didn't mean that he was unsatisfied with Spica.

In fact, he found Spica to be quite lovely.

But, at the same time, there was a different problem.

For a man that has been transported to a different world, building a harem is the greatest dream.

(………No. In the first place, I have nothing to be guilty of. By increasing the size of the party, we can safely perform the subjugation quests. This……is for the sake of Spica.) <TL note: That was some Michio logic right there.>

Yuuto created an excuse for himself.

(My aim……is to create a slave harem of 100 beautiful girls!)

He dashed towards the slave trading firm that was introduced by Adolph.


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