Revenge Match

Episode 96 : Revenge Match

The next day's breakfast was Ririna's homemade fruit juice. The fruit juice made from the fruits that Yuuto had harvested in abundance was very popular with the girls. It was a surprise for Spica when an orchard appeared suddenly in the garden, but it was now completely familiar to her. The extermination of weed and pests was basically taken care of by the skeletons, so he had nothing to be concerned over. It won't be an exaggeration to say that the skeletons were the strongest work force as someone who could work without having to eat, drink or sleep. TL note: That's skeleton abuse. There's no way they'll join his harem if he treats them like that. The skeletons had an eerie appearance, but were now an indispensable presence.

After breakfast ended, it was time to prepare for the expedition. The day before, he had just learned Reduce, which reduced the target's weight, and was a very good match for the air bike that moved by using wind as the power source. As he had expected, by using the Curse Magic on the air bike, he could reduce its weight and was thus able to improve the speed.

Ooh…… This is great……

Wind and Curse; by using these two magic, Yuuto had successfully improved the mileage of the air bike dramatically.


Now then, the challenge for today…… I intend to fell the White Bird that I had failed to hunt yesterday.

Spica and Sylphia looked at each other in curiosity when they heard Yuuto's suggestion as they arrived and Lownas Grasslands.

Um. I can certainly look for them since I remember the scent of the White Birds……

It's alright. I thought about a great way of defeating a flying monster yesterday! Burn into your memory the power of me that has been reborn!

After declaring it powerfully, Yuuto began the search for the White Bird.


Master. I can smell the White Bird immediately. There's three of them flying towards our place from the south west.

………Uh-oh. It appeared immediately?

The encounter with the White Bird was accomplished easily. Compared to the Wild Bear, they were great in number, making it a very easy to find monster. However, White Bird can fly for as long as 24 hours without stopping to rest, which makes it a difficult monster to defeat even for an expert marksman. Yuuto waited for the perfect timing before using Reduce on his own body and using Wind Magic, he kicked off the ground and rose quickly.

White Bird
 Threat LV 4

When he made full use of the Flight magic that acquired the day before, at about 50 meters in the air he finally caught the figure of the White Bird.

Heeh. Let's look at that figure up close.

Its movement wasn't as quick as he thought it was. There was a moderate amount of body fat, and it looked delicious. If he had to describe it, a giant chicken flying in the sky would fit it perfectly.

「「「Ko ke! Ko ke ke!」」」

The White Birds screamed because it was unexpected for them to meet an adventurer in the sky which was their territory. Yuuto shot a Wind Bomb from the sole of his feet and rushed towards the White Bird in a movement that could be called the aerial version of Leopard Gait. He skewered one of the White Birds with the Long Sword that he unsheathed from his waist.

………Now then, What is going to become the next stain on my sword?

Yuuto smiled wickedly. For the White Bird who lived in the sky leisurely, this case was a sudden surprise. Because of the absence of a natural enemy, the White Birds gained fat, so there was heaven and earth between the speed of Yuuto using Leopard Gait and the speed of the White Birds. Innumerable feather's fluttered down to the ground from high in the sky. The other two White Birds were defeated by Yuuto in no time.

Amazing! Master! Really amazing! I thought its natural for master to be amazing……but to thing that you could fly in the sky! It's unexpected!

I'm amazed! While it has become a habit to be amazed by my lord……but today I am even more amazed!

Spica and Sylphia, who looked at Yuuto's battle from the ground, were unable to contain their surprise. However, Flight magic had its problems too. If the monster was similar to the White Bird, it won't be a problem, but because when compared to ground combat his movement was restricted, he would be very uneasy fighting against a power flying monster. The training of flight magic is essential in order for more freedom in aerial combat. Yuuto pushed forward with renewed determination to look for the next prey.


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