Master, about 30 meters north-east from here there is a blue slime. I think there is only one of them.

I understand.

There was only one enemy, so it was probably the best candidate for verifying Ability Plunder.

Spica, Sylphia. I would like to try something……could you fight this one just by the two of you? I will wait here.

I understand.

All right.

After instructing the two Yuuto decided to sit on a rock and wait.


Five minutes later.

Sorry to keep you waiting! Master!

Spica returned to Yuuto with the nucleus of a blue slime in hand. Naturally, Sylphia was with her too. They did not have means for a long distance attack, so Sylphia's lower body was covered in sticky blue slime fluids when she sliced it. He verified his status screen immediately.

Konoe Yuuto
 Fire Resistant LV 2 (15/20)
 Water Resistant LV 2 (16/20)
 Wind Resistant LV 2 (14/20)

The number for water resistant had increased from (15/20) to (16/20).

(So ability plunder works even if I don't see the actual target……)

Such a low risk area is the perfect for checking the conditions of ability plunder. So Yuuto decided to continue with his research.


The result of the research led Yuuto to a conclusion. The range at which ability plunder worked for defeated monsters was 50 meters. The range restrictions was found with a lot of trial and error.

Not only martial arts, Yuuto had learned sports that could be helpful during a fight, and Javelin throwing was one such sport. With a running start, Yuuto could throw a spear up to 100 meters, and could hit a slime 60 meters away. The result of the spear throwing was that ability plunder worked for Defeated Monsters within 50 meters, and did not work beyond that.

The important part was that it also worked for companions with whom he had formed a slave contract.


Yuuto hypothesized that A person under slave contract was treated as a personal tool. There was some resistance in identifying a person as a tool, but since that was the case, it couldn't be helped. To throw a spear or to send Sylphia, both worked with ability plunder for monsters defeated within 50 meters.

Amazing! Master! To be able to throw a spear that far!

I was surprised! The spear that you threw went flying into the sky.

Because the concept of Spear throwing was not well known in Trywide, Spica and Sylphia widened their eyes in surprise at Yuuto's skill. From the research, he had arrived at a conclusion.

If he found talented people, he should continue to increase the party members. However, to utilize ability plunder fully, there was a need to use slave contract. If defeating a monsters resulted in not increasing skills, the efficiency would drop.

So Yuuto concluded for the time being to perform a trial of the unused magic that he was worried about.


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