Next morning Yuuto woke up, had breakfast delivered by room service, and went out with Spica in tow. He decided to go to the slave trader to see Sylphia's state before going to the adventurer's guild.


Its……Yuuto-sama. I've been waiting for you.

How did you get hurt?

Jill left arm was wrapped in a bandage and looked to be broken.

This wound……was suffered when I was beaten by Sir Andrea last night. Sir Andrea has gone mad. He forcibly robbed me of my goods.

………Oi oi. Was the product……?

It is just as Yuuto-sama guessed……It was Sylphia.


Yuuto was baffled. Yuuto thought that since being a vampire who was likely the culprit of the kidnappings, he would avoid such conspicuous action. Therefore it was unexpected that he would take Sylphia away by force.

……Is it allowed for a noble to use such force?

No. It is not allowed. I am negotiating with the royal knights right now. As soon as investigations are over, Sir Andrea should be arrested.

By what time would they be done?

Hmm…… Since the criminal is one of the biggest nobles in the country, they need to ensure that there is no false accusations, so it will take at least a week.

A week……

He could not afford to leave Sylphia in danger for such a long time.

That's bad……could you tell me where Sir Andrea's home is? I want to talk to him face to face.

……Certainly. To tell you the truth, Sir Andrea wanted me to give a similar kind of message to Yuuto-sama. If you want your woman back, come to my house, he said.

Yuuto was puzzled by Jill's words. He wondered what the other side would gain by leaving such a message.

(………No. There's no use thinking that right now.)

His first priority was to get to Sylphia as soon as possible. Having decided that, Yuuto left the slave trading firm in a brisk pace.


Master! How was Sylphia-san?

Spica, who was waiting outside, asked Yuuto when he exited the slave trading firm.

Ah. Um. There has been a slight change in the situation. Spica, could you return to the inn first?


Spica was at a loss for words. To be honest, she could not understand the situation. But seeing Yuuto's serious expression, she realized that something was up and it was not an ordinary situation.

……I understand. But please tell me one thing. Master, where are you going?

Spica asked anxiously as she was worried about her master's safety.

What? It’s just an erred. I'm going to teach an idiot……what happens when they kidnap a woman.

After saying so, Yuuto left as Spica remained silent. She did not know what was going on, but she was able to guess that her master was going to a dangerous place.

(Master……Please come back safely……)

Spica prayed as she stared at Yuuto's back.


  1. Nepu!!!

  2. 「What? It’s just an erred. I'm going to teach an idiot……what happens when they kidnap a woman.」
    You mean errand ?

  3. When do nothing, just ignore the vampire, ahhhh but when it steals your thing, time to vampire hunt has come

    1. I know, he should have at least asked around about vampires, since they're generally not viewed as a good thing in any world with humans...

      Wasn't he even the slightest bit suspect after the missing women quest and COINCIDENTALLY meeting a vampire shortly after? He has a slave, even an offhand comment about vampires would have saved all this trouble...