Red Slime Strikes Back

Red Slime Strikes Back

Currently, Yuuto could use four types of magic; Fire, Water, Wind and Holy. Of these, he still hadn't used any magic of the Fire attribute, for the simple reason that unlike other attributes, he needed a proper target to test out the Fire attribute. Till now, Yuuto's magic training had been conducted inside the room at the inn. If he accidently caused a fire, it would be catastrophic.

Fire Magic
 LV 3
Available Magic
 Fire Bomb

Just like with the Water and Wind attribute, it seemed that he had become able to use the bomb attack of the Fire attribute once it reached LV 3. He needed to verify how much damage he could deal on a monster. If he really thought about it, he had no experience in defeating monsters with magic.

Master. There seems to be a single red slime ahead of us.

Good, I understand. This time, I'll fight by myself. You two don't interfere.

After receiving the two's consent, Yuuto headed in the direction that Spica pointed out.


Red Slime
 Threat LV 1

After walking for a while, he encountered the demon. There was only one monster, making it the perfect target for testing out the magic. Because slime monsters had very low visibility, they tend to not attack as long as you are 5 meters away. Yuuto made sure that he was barely out of the slime's range to avoid detection, and then holding up his right hand, he chanted the incantation in his mind.

(……Fire Bomb!)

A sphere of approximately 10 cm appeared from Yuuto's hand. The power of bomb Magic was high, but it had a very short range, therefore Yuuto took three steps back to ensure he didn't get caught up in the explosion. The magic ball moved slowly for about a meter before it exploded. With an explosive sound, intense hot winds raged in the strike zone for a moment.


Its power had exceeded Yuuto's expectation. It was even greater than bombs from the Water attribute and Wind attribute. If such a bomb blast hit directly, it would pulverize a human. The magic of the bomb system was fatally short-ranged.

As a result of training magic daily, his control had improved, and it felt like the range had increased a bit. Nonetheless, as for the damage that the red slime sustained……


Having been notified of Yuuto's position, the red slime pounced at Yuuto. One must not be deceived by its cute cry, for one could see a slime's grotesque internal organs due to its transparent body.


Yuuto dodged it by a hair.

(Aside from Sylphia……it’s pointless for a man to be covered in its sticky body fluids……)

He could defeat it by throwing the stone in his pocket, but he wanted to give magic another try. He raised his right and chanted.


Intense flames are released from Yuuto's palm. The quantity of the flame far exceeded Yuuto's expectations. With this much, he could inflict a considerable burn on human opponents.

(Flame attribute magic seem to be highly lethal……)

The body of the red slime was covered in the conflagration and the entirety of the red slime was burnt by Yuuto just as he intended.

Red Slime
 Threat LV 8


Yuuto stepped back in surprise. The red slimes size increased by three times once it was exposed to the fierce flames. Its threat LV also increased from 1 to 8. Threat LV 8 was the highest amongst the monsters he had fought so far.

Master! Please be careful! When red slimes are bathed in flame, they tend to power up temporarily!

Are you serious……?

It was careless of him. He had expected red slime to be strong against fire as he had gained the Fire Resistant trait from them, so it was unexpected that they actually got stronger when attacked with fire.


Yuuto heard a low sound out of nowhere that sounded like Pi! It took time for him to realize that it was a sound from a skill that he had obtained the day before.

 Rarity ☆☆☆☆☆
(A skill that creates a beeping sound that only the skill holder can hear when they are in life threatening crisis. The volume of the sound rises according to the degree of the risk)

The volume of the sound was very feeble, which meant…… that the degree of risk to Yuuto from the attacker was low.

(Even so……it’s not good that it can threaten my life)

When fighting slimes of Threat LV 1 and bats of Threat LV 2, he did not hear any sound. Therefore he needed to be cautious towards the red slime that was in front of him.


The cry of the enlarged red slime became lower in tone.


Yuuto lightly dodged the red slime's attack. Its speed seemed to drop considerably as its body became bigger.

(However, what should I do about it……)

Till now, Yuuto had fought against slimes by throwing stones at them that he had picked up from the ground. However as expected, he couldn't defeat the bigger slime with just a stone.

(I did not think……that the opponent that invoked warning would be a red slime……)

Yuuto was worried of the sudden appearance of a formidable adversary.