Quest Reward

Episode 115: Quest Reward

It had been 2 days since they captured the dungeon that appeared in Lownas Grasslands. In this 2 days, they had some trouble with negotiations with the guild regarding the reward. Originally, the guild had promised a reward of 2 million rea, but that had assumed that the difficulty of the dungeon was E1. From the testimony of the adventurers that entered the dungeon, it was recognized that it was at least a B1 difficulty dungeon. Naturally, 2 million rea was not going to cut it as a reward.

Having joined Yuuto's party along the way, it was Lassen who took the lead during the negotiations. As an information broker, Lassen had a lot of influence amongst the staff of the adventurers' guild. Because of her zealous negotiations, Yuuto got a reward of 20 million rea, which was 10 times the original amount.


Um, Lassen-san. Is it really that bad for you to receive half of it?

What are you saying, Yuuto-kun? Aren't you the one who defeated the boss alone? Therefore you should receive the reward.

……But still.

20 million rea reward was the same as 200 million yen in modern Japan. Faced with such a large sum of money, Yuuto flustered.

Fufu. Don't worry. I was able to meet you as the ideal partner through this adventure. That is reward enough already.

Um. Should I take that as a confession of love to me?


I'm sorry, that was just a joke.

Seeing Lassen's earnest disgusted look, Yuuto was saddened.

(………It's difficult to bear with this person's anti personality.)

Over the past few days, he came to an understanding about her behavior. Although Lassen was wearing slutty outfit that exposed a lot, she strangely had a strong guard against men.

Then, Yuuto-kun. I'll take my leave here.

Lassen hadn't even demanded for a part of the money from the reward. She was a proud woman that could earn her own living, and didn't like to depend on men. As an adventurer, they were her own values.

(No matter what I think……Isn't Lassen just flippant?)

Yuuto thought this as he looked at her retreating ass jutting out of her short pants.


  1. it's not a slutty outfit it's just for ease of movement...yea, ease of movement..

    thanks for the chapter

    1. Possibility.

      But, others are that she's a shy exhibitionist.
      Or a a lesbian exhibitionist.
      Or just really like the clothes.

  2. I like to be naked myself. I'm sort of a nudist. as long as I wont get complaints, i try to be nude

    1. You should go to Luxiana, you'll fit in fine there...

    2. I would be too, except I live with other people.

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  4. Then, is she not the one from the illustration? I thought the one in school uniform was obviously demon-chan and the other one would be Lassen... Well, the volume just started she may fall eventually xD
    Thank you so much for the chapter :)

    1. She is really proud. That pride will make her a difficult conquest. Not impossible, but probably gonna be one of his most difficult.

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