Present from the Village Head

Present from the Village Head

Yuuto-kun. You did a truly good job this time. I cannot find words……to express my gratitude.

A day had passed since Kazuya's group of thieves attacked Cait Sith Village. The damage had left behind a terrible scar. Several dozen people were injured, and a few even died. However Olivia thought that due to Yuuto's actions, they were limited to this much.

……Please don't lower your head. I'm already satisfied with what I got.

Thief's Knife
 Rarity ☆☆
(A knife with a curved blade for maximum damage. Thieves prefer it. It's not suitable for stripping materials.)

Yuuto had taken 32 knives when he was disarming the thieves. A single one didn't sell for much, but altogether they would fetch a good amount.

Growth Promotion
 Rarity ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
(The ability to accelerate the growth of a plant.

Additionally he had acquired the Growth Promotion. a new unique ability, during the battle.

(Perhaps……I could use this Growth Promotion ability to grow a Divine Tree from the fruits I obtained a while ago……!?)

In Yuuto's bag was the rare Rejuvenation Fruit that he had gotten from the Cait Sith Village. Fortunately, he had recently bought a house with plenty of space to grow trees. He decided to try it the moment he returned home.

We hadn't even finished thanking you for saving Ririna. This is a sign of appreciation from the entire village for you, Yuuto. I want you to receive this.

Magic Bag (Revised)
 Rarity ☆☆☆☆☆☆
(Highly efficient convenient bag for carrying items. Can carry up to 4000 kilos)

The moment he checked the item that Olivia prepared with Demon Eyes, Yuuto's eyes lit up.

Thank you! This is extremely helpful!

Yuuto was currently using a bag that could hold up to 100 kilos so there were inconveniences all the time. A new bag with capacity of 4000 kilos would be extremely helpful in future adventures. Wasn't it great that the rarity had gone up by 2 stages? The design was same even though he was amazed that its capacity was 40 times greater. He decided to swap the items of the bag when he went home.

We are extremely grateful for saving this village……however, this village doesn't have any items or money that would satisfy you. Therefore, I talked to several villagers……won't you take Ririna and Sanya as slaves?


Surprised by Olivia's proposal, Yuuto let out a stupid voice.

No no! Did you even talk to the two people that you are offering as slaves!?

Fumu. About that, it's quite the complicated circumstance……

Olivia began to explain seriously.

After questioning one of the arrested thieves, I learned that their reason for attacking this village was to capture and sell Sanya as a slave. He said that a slave with a rare unique ability could be sold for even 10 million rea.


Having heard that, Yuuto could roughly guess why Olivia had suggested this suddenly.

I see. In other words, this proposal is for those 2.

Quite so……I'm saved that you guessed it so quickly.

Olivia continued after admiring Yuuto's quick-wittedness.

As you guessed, because of this affair, the image of the Foresty sisters has turned for the worst to the villagers. Honestly, most fear that the village might be attacked again because of the two, so the majority decided to send them out. However, the world is not such a nice place where two girls with no relative can live peacefully. Therefore, the current proposal is a wish from me. I explained the circumstances to the Foresty sisters, and they agreed. So, how about it? Will you not give them the chance to work at your side?


(……I have no reason to refuse them.)

Recently, Yuuto had bought a mansion in the city of Expein. He could immediately prepare a room for Sanya and Ririna to stay at.

I understand. If there is such circumstances, leave them to me.

I'm grateful. The two have my best regards.

Olivia looked anxious as she thanked him.

……If I was 10 years younger, I would have wanted to follow you.

Um? Olivia-san? Did you say something?

Fufufu. I didn't say anything. Just an old person talking to herself. Please forget it.

After Olivia reminded him to Give her best regards to Ririna and Sanya, Yuuto left quietly. Olivia had several things to protect. She was a little too old to leave behind everything to follow after a man. To begin with, since the thieves' attack left such a damage meant that the village needed to be repaired. There were several things to do.


That night, Olivia took a rare drink. It was the special privilege of adults to forget things by drinking.  Getting married quickly, she was able to grasp happiness. So why was it that she yearned for something that she would never get? As her consciousness faded due to alcohol, Olivia thought about these things.


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