People from different worlds

People from different worlds

On the way back to the inn, Yuuto purchased a pair of Leather shoes from a street vendor.

Ma-master!? How did you get injured?

Spica was concerned when she saw Yuuto return while dragging a bloody foot.

No, this is nothing. I just skinned it when I went outside.

Uuuu. Who was it? Who injured master? I won't forgive them! I will chase them to the end of hell to punish them!

(That might mean that I am the one who is punished……)

Yuuto smiled wryly at Spica's words.

He decided to keep quiet about how he had injured himself with his own magic.

Anyway! Right now I need to treat your injury, please sit on the bed and extend your legs!

 How would you……?

Spica picks up Yuuto's leg without a moments delay and rolls up the hem of his pants. 

Immediately after, a pale light appeared from Spica's palm and healed Yuuto's wound.

(The wound was……sealed……?)

It didn't take long for him to notice the usage of Recovery Magic.

That surprised me. Spica can use magic?

Magic……I can't use any nice ones. It's only the elementary Holy Magic. All residents of Trywide can use magic to some extent.

? Is that so?

……Yes. The master may not know it, but the residents of this world possess magic from one of the five systems, Fire】【Water】【Wind】【Holy】【Curse, from their birth. Though…… Perhaps that example may not apply to Master.

Indeed. Is that so?

These may be useful information.

At present, Yuuto only possess Wind Magic, but it may increase in the future.

It would be better if he refrained from using more than two types of magic in public.

That……How long have you been aware?

Spica began explaining when he asked with a serious look.

From the beginning I thought that it was unnatural. Master had no knowledge about this world that would count as common sense. However, it was during the subjugation quest did my doubt turn to conviction. There is no question that master's Strength is unnatural. It can only be explained if master had an extremely rare Unique Ability that only people summoned from a different world have.

……I-is that so?

Spica's deduction was right on target, except for one point; Yuuto's strength had nothing to do with his Unique Ability.

Explaining it would end up complicating things, so Yuuto decided to keep quiet.

In that case, Spica, please tell me if there is a way to return to my original world……although I'm in no hurry to return. Isn't there any information that could be a clue?

In response Yuuto's words, a shadow is cast over Spica's expression.

………Well, as far as I know, all the previous people that were summoned from another world were forced to become slaves of the imperial family of one country or another and were used as an instrument of war. Which means that while a commoner like me won't know, but someone related to the imperial family might.

I see. By the way, is it possible for people like me who are summoned from a different world to have connections with people in power?

……There's only one way.

What is it?

Reliable adventurers are said to receive quests directly from the imperial family.

In other words……if he continued to keep increasing his QR steadily, there was a chance that he might get some clue.

……I see.

Yuuto had no other job besides being an adventurer, so it was convenient that clue to return to the original world was linked to his work.

Currently, Yuuto's QR was 5.

How much QR is needed to be requested directed by the imperial family, he did not know.

It would probably take a really long time.

(……For now, let's listen to Spica. There is a risk that I might get enslaved if others found out that I was summoned from another world.)

It would be extremely difficult to find a way back to his world while hiding that he was from a different world.

Master, Could you hear my wish?

Spica asked with an anxious look.

Ah. Why so suddenly?

If it is alright with master, please promise me just one thing. That……when you return to your original world……please take me with you, master.

……Are you sure, Spica? If you were to live in my world…… you will have to endure various hardship.

If a girl with dog ears were to live in modern Japan, it couldn't be determined how much hardship one has to endure…… but it would be hard getting used to the stares for sure.

Yes. I may have to endure a hard time, but that's not a problem. From the very beginning…… when I decided to become master's slave, I was prepared to go anywhere that master went.

From her serious look, it was obvious that Spica's words weren't an exaggeration.

Ah. I understand. If you want to, I promise. When I return to my original world, I'll take Spica with me.

Yuuto replied while patting Spica's head.

When Spica heard Yuuto's words, she smiled brightly. 

Yes! Thank you! Please let me serve master forever!

In Yuuto's mind, he was imagining living in a remote countryside in modern Japan with just the two of them.

Yuuto thought, after earning a large amount of gold coins in Trywide, bringing them back to Japan…… may not be a bad idea.

(……Ah, I think I'll wait till I get the choice before deciding which world I want to live in.)

Having made up his mind, Yuuto fell into a deep sleep. 


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