Orleans Forest (Intermediate)

Orleans Forest (Intermediate)

After a long 90 minute journey, Yuuto finally arrived at Orleans Forest (Intermediate). Compared to travelling to Ragul Mountains, there was less of a climb. The consumption of stamina was not great, he thought. Orleans Forest was surrounded by the beautiful nature, and the murmur of a river could be heard. Yuuto thought that if there were no monsters were here, it would be a great spot to have a leisurely picnic.

(However, we can't afford to do that)

They encountered monsters the moment they arrived.

 Threat LV 7

 Threat LV 10

There were only one each. The skeleton was a monster that had an apt name, as it looked just like a human skeleton.

(What should I say……it reminds me of the sample skeleton in the science room of my elementary school.)

He assumed that the sharpened the bone on its right hand acted as a bone mace. In the end……he didn't want to meet the creepy monster at a street during the night.

On the other hand, Lizardman was a monster that looked like a huge lizard that walked on its two hind legs. It did not have a weapon, just like the skeleton, and instead had sharp claws on both hands. Its entire body was also covered in hard scales. It seemed like a monster that had a balanced offensive and defensive abilities.

Master! Please be careful! Monsters appearing in the intermediate area are stronger than the monsters from the beginner area!

Spica advised him with the booklet received from the guild in one hand. Recently, it had become Spica's role to give information about the monsters.

Eh? Come again?

But before Spica finished her explanation, the corpse of the Skeleton and the Lizardman fell to Yuuto's feet.


Spica stood dumbfounded as she raised her gaze from the booklet. Even Sylphia had been unable to follow Yuuto's fight with her eyes.

No. After all, a humanoid monster is easy to fight. They feel weaker than a slime.

Yuuto's words were not an exaggeration, as he had learned all the good things from different martial arts while mastering the Konoe Ryuu Taijutsu. Yuuto had learned over 60 different martial arts including wrestling, boxing, savate, aikido and jujitsu, but he never learned how to fight something of an irregular shape. Yuuto had only been fighting till now using his superior battle sense, but to show the maximum effectiveness of the Konoe Ryuu Taijutsu, he needed a humanoid enemy.

Since both Lizardman and Skeleton were humanoid monsters, Yuuto could show the one on one martial arts that he had practiced till now. He had destroyed the body of the Skeleton by using Hard Fist. Yuuto could even crush muscle covered bones with his Hard Fist, so bare bones were no match for him. On the other hand, he had defeated the Lizardman using Soft Fist. It is irrelevant if the outer body is covered in hard scales if the internal organs are destroyed.

Hard Fist and Soft Fist. By using two different styles, Yuuto had defeated the monsters in God speed.

As expected of master! Frankly……you are so amazing that I don't know what to say!

That was amazing! It won't be an exaggeration if I said that master's martial arts has reached the level of Gods.

……Hmm, you are exaggerating it.

Yuuto did not feel that he deserved the praise from the two beautiful girls. However, it couldn't be helped if they were happy, right? So after Yuuto finished stripping the materials, he walked deeper into the forest looking for the next prey.


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  2. I don't know anything about translating but I think this might be wrong : "Yuuto did not feel that he deserved the praise from the two beautiful park." I feel [park] should probably be [girls] or something if not I am sorry.

    1. Whoops. Ok, I have no clue how I translated "girls" as "park". Thanks for pointing it out.

  3. What did he plunder? I can't wait to find out!

  4. I woder if Yuuto learned over 60 different martial arts from around the world and, if so, what some of them are. It feels like it's been hinted at, but the author just never mentions it.

  5. This is so hard to read after things like dungeon defense and the likes.

    Not the fault of the translator, but this genius martial artist of 16 that is at the top of 60 different martial arts and gets the power to steal power from others, being unmatched at 16...
    I know that most light/web novels are about suspending the belief that it could even remotely be real to be able to enjoy them, but this one goes a bit too far.

    I am usually mostly ok with dumb protagonists being lorded as smart, and with the OP powers being given right at the arrival in the world, but the whole 'he was already unmatched in our world at 16 of age' just robs the whole "OP in an other world" feel.

    1. Hi, sorry for the late comment, don't know if you will ever read, but true, this is the same problem with Satou, the MC of an other novel.
      OP is fine, fantasy is fine, but making absurb things is a taboo as a writer, be it a documentary book, dictionnary, novel or whatever else.
      And when you think of it, in "only" 16 years (if you dare think that he started martial arts at the age of 0, which is impossible), he mastered over 60 arts, but this is trully impossible, because he shouldn't have enough time.
      Thus, this is where the taboo enters, absurd setting from the author = NG !

      Well this is still funny to read.

      I suggest you read 「Genjitsushugi Yuusha no Oukoku Saikenki」, which has a "realistic" feeling of fantasy and likeable characters, including the MC.